Plugin to remove the mneumonics?

Is there any way to get rid of the mneumonics? A plugin?

I find them incredibly distracting. I just want them gone. Is there a way to make them just not show up on the screen at all?

I don’t know any, because mnemonics are the added value of wk compared to most anki decks.
Maybe you would be more at ease with that?


I don’t think such a script exists yet, but you can probably use an ad-blocker and define a custom rule to remove the elements you don’t want to see.


At first I found many of the mnemonics redundant and cringy (are they really expecting me to remember Ms. Chou or Jo-Anne? Come on, it’s a waste of time!). But the more I progressed, the more abstract the kanji became, and the more I needed to rely on some help remembering them. So I’m finding Wanikani’s mnemonics more and more useful with each level.

My advice is: Embrace The Cringiness.


I love living in the future :tm:

ps: i didn’t post the actual script because:

  • it’s untested
  • it must be adapted to wk
  • it kind of defeat the purpose of wk (lol)
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I also don’t care for the mnemonics either but I just don’t look at them. And sometimes if I really struggle to memorize a reading they can help.

For me the added value is the level structure and vocab/reading choices. I found that most of the provided mnemonics were useless if not counter-productive past the first handful of levels since I preferred to build my own mnemonics based on the kanji I already knew instead of these weird English-based mnemonics that often only work in one specific accent. On top of that they completely ignore phonetic components which is frankly a travesty for a kanji-learning platform IMO.

I know that some people love them though, nothing wrong with that, but I sympathize with @baudot here.


I’m still just at level 6, but this is my experience, too. I find that I don’t even bother with a mnemonic for a lot of the common characters. For example, I don’t think of a shoe when I see 州; I just think of 九州. However, I do use the mnemonics for things I’ve never seen before, and I feel like they are helpful because there are times when I can’t remember things in my reviews until I go through the little story in my head.

I think one of my mistakes when I attempted WaniKani in the past is that I didn’t spend too much time or effort on the mnemonics. Sometimes I’d skip them entirely. I was able to remember things for a little while, which was enough to get me through the early reviews, but soon everything blended together and I was missing a lot on my reviews with intervals in weeks and months.

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Exactly my experience! Sometimes I don’t spend much time on the mnemonic (this happens especially when I find the WK mnemonic too complicated or if it relies on some cultural reference that I don’t know) and I can remember the item successfully with some effort through the apprentice stage, but when I see it again a week later, I realise I should have spent more effort on the mnemonic or on creating my own.

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