[Please Rate the Nominations!] Advanced Japanese Book Club (Currently reading: 容疑者Xの献身)

You could follow along with the manga version stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye


I do also have the first volume of the manga but it’s just not the same ._.
At least, I already know the story (the fan trad I mentioned went until half of 2nd part, I am reading a fan trad of the manga and I’ve seen the two seasons of the anime series :stuck_out_tongue:) so it should help 🤷


Following your suggestion of picking a Saturday as start date, that leaves us with the 15th. It’s also smack in the middle of the proposed range, so it sounds appropriate.

In other news, I’m planning to put up the home thread of 本好き today. (I wanted to do that yesterday but then life happened)

No, since we haven’t started yet. You are still ahead!


Oh, if you’re running the book club I’ll have to direct all my complaints towards you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Well, we now have a home thread for the book.


@Naphthalene taking care of all the book club threads. :eyes:


Gotta step up to increase my threads count. Those are rookie numbers.

More seriously, this one is my own nomination, so I feel it’s my responsibility.


Oh, also, read aloud session is not a thing I do, but would anyone be interested in one?

is there even a time slot remaining, with all the other book clubs around?

It wouldn’t necessarily need to be a completely different time slot - if there’s enough people interested who aren’t in the other book clubs doing read alouds, having it be on the same day or even at the same time wouldn’t be a problem. :slight_smile:

That said, I’m quite full up on read aloud’s until either re zero or kemono ends, so even if read aloud was organized, if anything I’d be a rare guest having a look if the 都合 was good. ^^


I thought that the story was that it was my responsibility


That means that he will stay in the head with the thread numbers…

I mean glad to know you are taking your responsibility.

Btw how do you write small characters?

If I learned something is that whenever there is something to do and no one wants to do it your name strangely pop up. It’s like they pray to some god to help them do their job or they dump their job on you. Take which one you prefer :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh, I’ve been gone a little while. It’s good to see an advanced book club finally off the ground. I’ll try to join in too! :smile: Do you guys know how long physical books are taking to ship from Japan to the US nowadays? I’ll give the e-book a try if shipping will take too long.

*Edit: Amazon says it’ll take 1-2 weeks, so I should be good.


I would be up for a read aloud session, at least to try! … Though I have found that my time zone often means I don’t match up with enough people.


I said that jokingly, mostly because we had this exchange:

So I kinda assumed you would not be interested. If you want to take care of that book club, though, I think we can just request the mods to transfer ownership of the book home thread to you, or I can just make the OP a wiki so you can edit it, and you can take it from here.


Well, it’s fine for others in the U.S. and in Europe. Just not Australia/Japan. This just means you have to be the one to plan it so it fits around your time zone. :slight_smile:

Should we start moving all this conversation to the book’s home thread?


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I’m in third place, though. That cannot stand, obviously.
Just to be clear, I am joking

Nice! The more the merrier! (I am honestly a bit worried about participation, considering what we get in the intermediate book club… but maybe everyone left at the end of a usual run would belong here as well? There’s only one way to find out).

I guess we’ll need to have one of those polls…

Oh! That would make sense, yes.


Oh no, I am very grateful that I don’t have any actual responsibilities! My comment wasn’t serious, I was just playing along


Yeah, I’m hoping that the participation is high enough. I’ve been just reading by myself because the intermediate club is too slow pace for me, so I’d like to see this reading club stick around.


Did this actually start yesterday? Was just considering this series and was poking around to see if anybody had read it.