Please, please let us add our own lessons once we reach level 60

I’m begging you. This has got to be the solution. You won’t have to worry about people just adding their own lessons and becoming overwhelmed and quitting the service, because you will already be at level 60. Please. WaniKani is so amazingly awesome that I really feel like it’s wasting potential by only allowing you to learn the Jouyou kanji.

It does not solve the lack of time the devs have.
(It is a good idea, but they just have other priorities at the moment)

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I think your request will hold more weight if you’re near or at level 60.

I heard from the grapevine that there might be more kanji coming to wanikani. If that happens, there is a good chance it will happen before you get to level 60 and you won’t need to worry about it.


My opinion on the subject wouldn’t change whatsoever no matter what level I’m at.

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I never said it would.

My bad, I thought you meant that my opinion would be different if I were a higher level. And you’re probably right, more people would care if my level was higher, but what I’m saying is true nonetheless.

Well, Koichi was replying to some other feature request, but I feel the quote is relevant:

So, you would have to convince them to divert some of their precious few resources for something that will only benefit level 60. There are only 22 people reaching level 60 per month (based on their data), so that’s a lot of work for really little gain…

Again, in an ideal world, that would be an awesome feature, but realistically they just don’t have the means to implement it in the foreseeable future.


Koichi is just levelist against us low level folks.


Why are you even posting? Go back to your dungeon until you’re at least level 42.


Gotta find that loose アメリカ人.


Holy cow Leebo, I just realized you are no longer level 6/7! Times flies!

I thought exactly the same.
@Leebo, are you doing levels in 6d20h or something?

Not even close. It’s like 8 days recently. Not gonna do that again.


Wanikani is just a firestarter imo.

I do think it’s a smart play. The more focus you dedicate to the beginners, the more people will end up continuing with WK and the more people you’ll see in higher levels. I do feel like there are more people in higher levels % wise, but I can’t really say that since I’m only here since last June.

I did learn something in these past months… I don’t have time to complain or say that x should be y and z. If I wanna be the guy that learns crazy fast, I need to use all my resources on learning, not on wondering how the world should be :slight_smile:


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