Please let us listen to the pronunciation during REVIEWS, too [edit: nevermind, found another button]

Very happy with WK overall, but there’s this one thing that has been bothering me for a while: for some reason, you can’t playback the pronunciation audio when you’re doing reviews — only in lessons. This is very important for learning pitch accent, so I — and many others, I’m sure — would really appreciate it if you implemented this hopefully effortless tweak.
EDIT: nevermind: been using WK for many months now and I only just realized that in the Reviews there’s a separate button for audio. I assumed it would be on the reading page, just like during the lessons stage. Would be better if there were both buttons present.

There’s a script for it

You can already listen to the audio after you answer the reading part of the review (correctly or incorrectly). You can only listen to the audio after you do the reading review because otherwise you’d be cheating. This works without any scripts.

If you also want to listen to the audio during the meaning part of the review (when you have already answered the reading correctly) you can download this script:


Ohhh, my bad. The button is separate, on the button bar, not on the actual reading page… I assumed it would be exactly where it was during the Lessons stage… I mean, my fault, but still, would probably make more sense to provide both buttons — for dummies like myself.

And maybe you are already aware of this but just in case you are not: there are two options in the settings area so that you don’t have to push a button:

  • Autoplay audio in lessons
  • Autoplay audio in reviews
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Yeah, just remembered. Would not want it on auto-play, though.

Also, the ‘J’ key, if you’re on something with a physical keyboard.

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