Please help this noob!

Hey guys!

I’m having a long conversation with someone, and there are some things I did not completely understand.


What are they saying about “capacity”?

Thank you in advance!

Well, considering they told you it’s okay to ask lots of questions, doesn’t it make sense that that’s in the same line of thinking?

Not exactly for grammar questions hahaha. This is actually sort of a professional relationship, so I don’t really want to bother them with that. :slight_smile:

Think you could help me out? :sweat_smile:

No, I mean… Their “capacity” relates to you being able to ask them many questions.

One of the meanings of キャパシティ is 能力. They have a wide range of abilities. So ask away.

I’m just looking at a dictionary.

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I feel so dumb for assuming what “capacity” meant.

Thank you for clarifying! <3

Well, we don’t really use it as a one-to-one synonym, but capacity does mean ability in English in some senses.

I don’t think you should feel dumb for asking. There are a lot of false cognates in Japanese, and as a foreigner you’re more than likely to run into them because native speakers will just assume you’ll understand their meaning of that word. As a rule, I always check the meaning of foreign cognates thrown my direction just in case. :wink:

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For sure, it’s just… less commonly used haha

Thank you for the tip! I’ll pay more attention to those from now on! :blush:

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