Please help me transcribing an audio sample

A friend of mine sent me an audio sample to translate. But I don’t understand every word and others don’t make sense to me. I have to admit my japanese skills are not advanced enough…

I uploaded the 10 second long mp3 file to my google drive:

I’d appreciate every help.

I couldn’t glean that much myself, except for “everyone’s party, beginning from now… As much as you can take, I wanna play.” Something like that.

I understood it as

For a translation, Elbereth’s seems pretty accurate.
“It’s everyone’s party once it turns midnight
Beginning from now
Dancing as much as you can/want till the morning
I want to have fun until it turns bright outside”


@Myria spot on. the last sentence is difficult. I thought I heard あからこ at first :sweat_smile:

皆さん、ありがとうございます。Thanks everyone! I just understood snippets like みんなのパーティー and 遊びたい. Reading @Myria’s transcript I notice that I just didn’t get a couple of syllables. (始まりsounded to me like ハティマリ, which didn’t make sense to me at all).

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