Please help me identify this phrase!

Hello there!

I sometimes watch videos from the Japanese weightlifter Toshiki Yamamoto. When people cheer him on during his heavy lifts, they sometimes say a phrase that I have a hard time figuring out. It sounds like “mouss” and can be heard at around 3:00 in this video.

I have shown this to several Japanese people, and none of them had heard it before (but agreed that it does sound like “mouss”).

Can someone please help me identify this phrase?

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Maybe some variation of the below? “Osu” is also sort of a catch all term used in martial arts classes for greetings, acknowledgement, etc.

When you are in a class that involves lifting weights, you will often hear the verb 持ち上げるmo chi ageru used for when it is time to lift something. This may be further divided into 引っ張るhipparu and 押すosu depending on whether you have to pull the weight or push it, respectively.


I suspect that what I hear might be part of a longer saying, and mochiageMASU might be it…

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