Please help me get back on track after a 2 month break, where to start?

Please help me get back on track after a 2 month break, where to start?

Due to a few personal reasons I have been unable to do pretty much any kind of studying for the past 2 months and now when I launch WaniKani I am greeted with this daunting screen:


I did consider just chipping away at it, but will the order WK gives me be the most efficient?

The iOS app I use (Tsurukame) gives me several options of review order to choose from, would one of these be best?


I am currently level 9 on WK and before my break I had quite a bit of spare time to study so I was listening to podcasts for immersion, following along with Cure Dolly for Grammar, doing about 100-150 reviews per day on WK and doing some Anki Core Deck reviews (5 new cards per day + reviews). I tried to fit in some Satori Reader but I was really struggling to do any more SRS when adding words I didn’t know.

Can anyone suggest a less hectic schedule of studying as currently I need to cut back on the amount I’m doing and take a more relaxed approach. I want to be as efficient as I possibly can, whether it be learning when playing video games? Or using Satori Reader without adding cards to review etc and chipping away at WK.

My ultimate goal is to be able to play video games, watch anime and maybe text chat in Japanese with online players. My stretch goal would be to converse in Japanese but that is a long term goal that I am in no rush to achieve.


I would do the “lowest level first” setting. Hopefully these are things you know better than the recent stuff, and they are likely to be at higher srs levels. This means as you do the reviews the pile will consistently go down, instead of cycling new stuff back around every day or two.



Thanks, I think I’ll do this and just chip away at it in a few chunks over time.

I’m still trying to decide what else I should build my study time around but thinking I may just pick up Satori Reader once I am caught up and read on their, lookup what I don’t know and not add anything to cards as if I read it enough it should stick anyway.

Also contemplating grabbing sentences from popular anime/videogames and studying them in Anki, as that is the main reason I want to learn it for.

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