Please explain the minimum on-level time

Hi everyone!

Everywhere in community threads I read that the minimum time to complete a level is 6 days and 20 hours. I tried to calculate that but I always arrive at 7 days straight. Could someone please explain how 6d 20h would be possible?

Here’s how I see it:
If you do everything perfect and on time you need 84 hours (4h, 8h, 24h, 48h) to complete the initial radicals and kanji from apprentice 1 to guru 1 which unlocks the rest of the kanji for you.

These unlocked kanji then should also take you 84 hours (4h, 8h, 24h, 48h) to complete and get enough kanji in guru 1 to let you level up.

84h + 84h = 168h = 7 full days

Please somebody explain, I’d really like to understand.

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Its been a real long time, but iirc its 23 and 47 hours respectively not 24 and 48.


I think it’s 23 hours and 47 hours - it moves forward an hour on those ones. So repeat that and you get the extra 4 hours.


Many thanks for your inputs! I guess I never noticed the one hour reduction thing. I was basing my calculations entirely off WaniKani’s SRS system guide where they just put 1/2 days respectively.

Have a great day! :grin:

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