Please explain grammar points of Eureka Seven quote

Hey guys and girls,

I finished Eureka Seven some time ago and I fell in love with the Characters & Story.
Holland and Adroc Thurston are frequently dropping this quote :


because I watched the subbed version I know that it means “don’t beg for it, win it over and it will be given to you”
but I wanted to learn the grammar that is used here.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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ねだるな. Put na after the jishokei and you get negative orders: Dont do…!
勝ち取れ、Edit(got this wrong) it is actually the positive order form: Win(by exertion)!
さすれば conditional: if this happens (not sure of verb meaning here)
与えられん>与えられない will not be given


Isn’t that the affirmative imperative of 勝ち取る? To be renyoukei it’d have to be 勝ち取れる

Edit: Ah, you changed it basically right as I posted this.


True I looked it up to see if kachitoreru was actually a verb. Turns out it’s not

if I would translate it word by word it would come out like this “don’t beg for it, win it over. if you do that it won’t be given to you”
I don’t understand why it’s translated as “if you do that it will be given to you”

Found this for さすれば

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