Please delete this post!

I’ve just discovered there is an English translation!
And as I’m super keen to read this manga, I’m just going to buy that and simply parallel read them!
Sorry for the bother!


Ah, I’ve read that one in English. I found it a bit… okay.


Just a thought: If you want to avoid spoilers, wouldn’t it be more beneficial to skip the page of contents? That way you will not be spoiled by future chapter headings, and you will read the headings anyway in due time…

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Oooooh this looks so interesting! I will put this on my long list of mangas I want to read (in Japanese). I might join reading this one next year but probably at a faster pace.

…so, you didn’t like it that much?

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Yeah, it was just… okay.

Not gonna lie, when I saw this thread title I thought it’s going to be some rambling about new covid-related restrictions (taking effect from Jan 1) related to football competitions or something…


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