Please build an iOS app

The website frequently crashes on safari on iOS, almost any time I need to switch to another app in the middle of a lesson. I’m curious to know what reason there could be for not taking this fundamental step to improve user experience.

uhh i mean we have the tsurukame app

… there was some beta for an official app in like april but i dunno what happened with that

also i dont know anything because i use android anyways


I use tsurukame, you can download it from the App Store and it’s perfect.


It went back to the drawing board, because there were some fundamental issues with how it communicated with the website, or somesuch.

That was… about ten months ago.

Given how much the new front-end they’re designing resembles the beta app’s front end, though, I wonder if we’re about to see beta version two…


Yes, they used React Native for the app, and are now using React in the web redesign to unify their efforts and minimize duplicate work across web/app. It’s a smart way forward for a small team to be able to maintain multiple platforms in a somewhat synchronized manner.


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