Pitch/accent on word/kanji readings

First, let me tell that this app is absolutely fantastic.
The moment you are in a Shinkansen, look up to the display and realize that thanks to wanikani you understand a lot of the kanjis thar are being displayed there… is priceless (the same when you start picking some of the spoken language).

Now, for those who want to speak japanese, having the ability to play the words is good for shadowing, but sometimes it’s hard to get the correct pitch/accent (because you just can’t hear it).
IT would be amazing if you can put with the reading of how is the accent/pitch of the word.
for this i use another app: www.gavo.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ojad/eng/phrasing/index
but it takes me a lot of time. so if you could add something like this in the reading tab of the word/kanji, it would help me (and others) speed up things.

Keep the amazing work going!!

You’re in luck:


Thanks Ornantius!!

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