Pitch Accents? Where did these come from..?

So, decided to whip up a userscript today to do what I was suggesting, it should describe simply which way the kanji/vocab should be read, both during a session or when looking through a description page. It will show it in the “Readings” section of a given page.

I haven’t had a chance to test it on lessons yet though.

Any feedback on how I could improve it is welcome, as I’m pretty noob about this pitch stuff right now.

One issue I know of right now is in situations like this kanji, 乳, which seems to have a primary reading of just ち on weblio, but WaniKani lists the second reading “ちち”. Currently my script is going to grab the first reading, which I feel would be incorrect?

And even then, the second reading on that page lists two numbers on the same reading. (Though… reading up on it some more apparently there is no difference in pronunciation between these two :S though the issue still stands.)

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