People who have reached level 60

Just curious on what your stats are on Wanikanistats after you reached level 60.

I have reached level 8 recently, and am just about hanging onto 90+% on all three fronts. Is that good? Or do I need to practice more?

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Here’s mine through all 60 levels of WaniKani (and a few months of reviews afterward before I turned on vacation mode):


I always find it interesting that some people are better at meanings than readings. For me, readings are often patterns while meanings are often memorization, and I’m much better at recognizing patterns than memorizing things.


First of congrats on keeping 90+ upto 60 levels. It’s my dream to be there one day.

Secondly, for me somehow the meanings stick. Readings take a while, like for example, I always make at least 1 mistake in reading a kanji, the next day after learning it for the first time. Also, there are always silly mistakes like じょ instead of じょう, こ instead of こう, which add to it.

Thanks. :slight_smile: An interesting thing about averages though… if you do really well for the first 30 levels you can do a lot worse later and still keep a good average… I can assure you I had plenty of sessions at the later levels where I got 70% or worse. :sweat_smile:

Phonetic components really help with learning on’yomi readings.


If you want stats, there are extensive stats for my journey through wanikani in my level 60 thread here:

90+% is very good.


Pretty cool.

Just a question, you did it in 10 months :exploding_head: were you doing it full time?

I am taking it a bit slow, doing 10/day whether char, kanji or vocab, but I am doing it with a full time design work, which sometimes goes over 8 hrs/day.

Don’t know if I should do more per day or not. As you said 90%+ is good, so I don’t do less, but more?


Echoing what @seanblue mentioned, it’s easier to get readings than meanings. Readings, for the most part, follow a pattern. I still rely on mnemonics greatly for the later level items. Some of the mnemonics and radical/kanji compositions start to blur together, for example vs. .

There were my stats just two weeks ago:

And it’ll continue to go downhill.


IMO, the accuracy stats on wkstats are inflated because they count it as correct if you get the meaning or the reading right. In cases where you forgot a word but will remember one part if you see the other, this is basically giving you a free 50% credit on everything.

I would recommend checking out my own accuracy calculator, which calculates accuracy more accurately (i.e it counts as correct only if you get both parts right) and also provides a more detailed breakdown of accuracy by SRS level.

For example, wkstats gives my vocab accuracy as 89.91% 92.80% 91.33%, but my actual accuracy is only 82.8%. Looking at wkstats gives you a very misleading picture of how you’re doing in reviews.


Damn! You guys are so close to 100% . So perfect :sweat_smile:

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Look at all these smartypants and their 90+%s :angry:

What a huge difference a higher % makes too.
@Kumirei + level 60 = 250420 total reviews.
@DaisukeJigen + level 44 = 862516 total reviews.


While the fact that correct answers are shown if you get one or the other wrong is true, I wouldn’t call wkstats misleading, at least in my experience. For me personally, when I did miss something, it’s extremely rare that I didn’t know both the reading and meaning. If anything, I’d say wkstats gives you a more granular view of what’s lacking.


Not at 60 yet, but would like to get there by next year. Just dropped down under 90% for vocab, radicals poor as I hate most of the WK names as learnt RTK method previously so hard to break. I think reaching L60 over 90% is admirable, over 95% is sub-human, not sure how people can even achieve this?

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 00.56.31


How to see these stats with percents and stuff?

ok, I suck balls

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Thanks for the link. As I said before, my first time review results are appaling and get better for the next reviews, be it apprentice or guru

Yours looks closer to mine, reading being worse than meaning.

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I totally agree that readings are easier than meanings, but before I had Flaming Durtles on my phone, I’d do reviews on my phone’s browser and miss readings because of fat finger typos. There’s that bit of leeway on meaning entries, so even if I wrote some abomination that might exist in the Worst Typos thread, it would still be accepted.


Nah, it took me about 1 year and 4 months from start to finish due to my slow start. I only started tracking for my stats at around level 16 that’s why it looks like 10 months on the graphs.

You go as fast as you feel comfortable. 10/day is perfectly reasonable. And tbh I wouldn’t recommend going as fast as I did, it really wears you out towards the later levels.


“slow start” :unamused:

Took me 2.5 years.