Pebble-Watch WaniKani Watchface - V1.4

NOTE: Must install this Japanese language pack to work! Japanese is not natively supported by Pebble. . If you like the Japanese language pack, show your support to the developer. He performed much more work than I did and without his effort, this watch-face would not have come to fruition. 

WaniKani  on your Pebble watch! Immerse yourself not only with the time, but your most difficult words. This app takes a snapshot of your WaniKani profile every hour to provide you with the most  to date vocabulary throughout your . Currently grabs any words under 70% [correct] rating. If your difficult words aren’t for you, you can also change it to display recent unlocks or no words at all. Due to popular demand, activity mode is now available; showing only your due queue on WaniKani. See the last snapshot for example.

Tells the time
Shows your title & Level
Shows Kanji, Hiragana and the definition
Informs you of your current review count available
Three different modes
Updates hourly & changes words upon every change to the screen.
Runs on Javascript


On Mobile: pebble://appstore/555a2847d040afa95a000003
Currently only on Android. iOS version must await approval per Apple. Please wait up to a month :frowning:

(Japanese Language Pack)                (WaniKani Tokei Tokei Watchface)
( ) (Mobile Link : pebble://appstore/555a2847d040afa95a000003 )

Version 1.3 Changelog
Updated settings to not require a API key every time. Settings can be changed on the fly.
Added 3 modes: Critical Items, Recent Unlock and Study Queue.
Study Queue only shows your current number of reviews, lessons and future lessons.

Version 1.4 Changelog
Updated to include the last card into memory. Upon boot the last card is immediately displayed while loading the next card to disillusion the sometimes long loading time.
Set the card interval from 60 minutes to 10 minutes. The timer interval is unstable and breaks. This lower time may help keep it alive as a ‘heartbeat’.

Known Bugs
Because this is written in Javascript, the code is always ran on the phone (except the clock/time which is on the watch). Some android phones may kill the Pebble watch service or shut them down, and even separation from the phone (distance) will cause it to bug out. The bug will do one of two things: stop updating the cards every ten minutes or fail to load the app if you do something on the watch.

Solution: Add the Pebble app to app-killer’s whitelist. Keep the Pebble app on the recent app list. Don’t walk away from your phone. Somehow add the Pebble app as a permanent service (PM me if you can do this). And lastly, kill the app and re-open as a last measure. Complain to Pebble about better app management.


If you enjoy this app, show your love. Be sure to favorite in the Pebble app store and comment here or there. 

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I like the idea, but I want to leave the learning to srs. Any chance of getting one that simply notifies you of new reviews/how many/time to the next review?

Other than that, really good job, it looks awesome!

Not a bad idea. I love the SRS of WK, but some words I really struggle with and have to take extra time with :P.

Give me a day to add the feature. I’ll have to make an option in the config screen. I’ll re-arrange the info to look good and have it’s function.

Updated the watch per aramilmoonmist’s recommendation. Also added an extra mode! The Study Queue mode text may be a little tight, but it wasn’t worth programming in another text field for 2-3 pixels of leading (spacing between lines) :P . If people want it, I’ll do it :wink:

Version 1.2.1 Changelog
Updated settings to not require a API key every time. Settings can be changed on the fly.
Added 3 modes: Critical Items, Recent Unlock and Study Queue.
Study Queue only shows your current number of reviews, lessons and future lessons.


Wow, this is a great idea. I was looking at these pebbles, but now…

Aleithian said... Wow, this is a great idea. I was looking at these pebbles, but now...
 I have one of the first kickstartered ones, they're pretty awesome

And they have great warranty :D. I heard a lot of the times they don’t even want the broken one when you RMA! For the new price of $99 they are a steal.

Thanks for the kind words! And aramilmoonmist, let me know if you have any problems with your mode :). I had some problems with my test environment. 

Well maybe I’ll try one out then. I saw they were $99, which isn’t bad at all.

First, do I have to install the jp language pack even though I’m not using the characters?

Second, I cant seem to find it on the store. tried linking from web browser and kept getting a page load error.

Are you on iOS aramilmoonmist? Because of Apple regulations, Pebble has to ‘update’ their app every month like clockwork (no pun intended) so that developers can get their app in the iOS app store :<br>
If you are on Android, search for WaniKani.

Otherwise, you do not need the JP pack. If you don’t use it the app will still work but you will see boxes. I think on mode 3 (your mode), I am still using 「」on the top left. Therefore it will be []5[] instead of 「5」

Sounds awesome. Now I just need a pebble.


Searched for wanikani and “No results found.” under both apps and watchfaces.

I even loaded up internet explorer on a different computer on a different network to make sure my addons weren’t messing with it. Same deal.

I don’t know why the picture keeps breaking its link, I’ll try correcting it one more time. If not, here’s the link:

Awesome, thanks ! can’t wait to try It on Pebble Time. 

I have to admit… It would be even cooler with color :slight_smile:

aramilmoonmist, I’m trying to resolve the problem. Don’t know why the page won’t run now. Anyways try this: 

pebble://appstore/555a2847d040afa95a000003 )

Thats a direct link for your android. Keep me posted. Im going to sleep and will check in the morning. Also I contacted Pebble about the link not working. 

EDIT: The link works now! Try now 
aramilmoonmist! Sorry about all that! :P. When I pushed the upgrade it made my project private again >.<


Heh, I would be inclined to make a color version if I could find someone in the Seattle area with one to borrow ;).

Hey did you have any problems installing it or finding it in the store?

A ha! Found it.

Now, however, it doesn’t seem to remember my settings. I’ve typed in my api key about five times '>.> now and it stays blank upon going back into the settings page. The watch shows “Loading” and “crabgator”

Awesome, will you also make a moto 360 version? I would really like that :smiley:

Hmmm. Really cool, but as an iOS user, I think I’ll wait for an Apple Watch version… Honestly, I don’t see much use of smart watches, EXCEPT for things like this. I would buy an Apple Watch in a minute if a real break-through vocab building app were released for it.

Perhaps I will explore Pebble a little more though, seeing as it already has WaniKani integration. :wink: Thanks for your efforts so far. Keep it up!

EDIT: Will this work with any version of the Pebble? Or just the one pictured in the main post? I am specifically wondering about support for the soon-to-be-released Pebble Time…

aramilmoonmist, set your API key, save, and then switch watchfaces. When you come back to the WaniKani one you should be all set.

Albiet the app is a bit rough in this aspect. It saves changes but doesn’t act upon them until the next update. So it’s easiest to just force an update by leaving and coming back to the watchface.

You should be able to set the settings without resetting the API key every time as well ;). If it sees the API field as blank it will use the API key in memory. But thats for later. Lets get this working first.