PC-based Western E-book readers?

One problem I’ve been running into lately is that if I want to pick up a western book that contains Japanese reading practice, it’s almost always restricted to a device. Jumping between apps and devices to look up words kind of ruins the reading experience for me, though, because on Windows, I can use something like KanjiTomo or Cap2Text to point at a word and instantly look it up. It’s much faster.

Does anyone know of any good e-book sites that let you read online while on PC? (Windows) I know emulators are an option, but the ones I’ve tried to use are hard on my computer. I’d love something kind of like book walker.

For example, in this case, I’m trying to find “Japanese Short Stories for Beginners” but can only find it on device-restricted services. Thankfully it contains explanations so it’s not as big of an issue, but a lot of the Western-published Japanese-content books I’ve looked for, don’t have this extra content.

(For clarification, I don’t usually buy physical copies because I’m vision impaired and struggle with furigana.)

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I’m not sure I understand. Bookwalker lets you read in the browser, doesn’t that fit your needs?

Answering my own question: maybe they don’t cary western books to practice Japanese? They do have books in English in their international section, but maybe not enough.

I doubt that it has the specific book you’re looking for, but Google Play books is by far the most accessible ereading-in-browser option I’ve come across for Japanese. I can use yomichan on it directly in the browser:

Unfortunately…their search is about as un-user-friendly as can be. You can’t filter by language and also can’t filter out languages. That said, if you can stand digging through, there are some gems. One of my favorite books so far in Japanese, すべての神様の十月 I got off Play Books.

I think Kindle also lets you read in the browser, or they did years ago. I haven’t purchased from them in ages.


Yeah, Book Walker tends to have less western-published books. By “Western” books I mean books that are published in the west, but are still written in Japanese, not English. A lot of Japanese learner books aren’t published in Japan, and are usually not on sites like book-walker. Things like story compilations for beginning learners that are easier to parse than full-on novels. I’m hoping to transition into reading more novel-format content, instead of just manga.

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Ohhh, thank you! I thought Google Play was app only. I’ll look into getting this option going. A terrible search is still workable, and I appreciate the book recommendation, too :smiley:

Kindle has a PC app, but for some reason I was never able to get it to recognize my library content.

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^ this link should let you read your kindle books in browser on your PC:)

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I can’t comment on your general question, but if you’re still looking for this - the Audible version comes with a free PDF. Ignore the price; it’s $8.50 with a subscription. (Same for the Intermediate version of the book, btw, which I just picked up today on Audible.)

Also, Kindle books are restricted to the Kindle app, but not device-restricted. Not sure if that helps you.