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For those of you from the UK with monthly subscriptions, is your bank charging you additional fees because you are paying in USD?


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These lovely people and this very good boy will hopefully be able to help!


It depends on your bank/credit card. My credit card (AMEX) has a transaction fee for non sterling transactions.

I paid £1.91 in fees on the $89 annual subscription. I don’t know if it’s a fixed rate or if it varies in percentage with the amount spent.

Yep. I had a monthly subscription for a whole month (!), and on top of the £6.69 subscription I was charged a £1 foreign purchase fee. I then bought lifetime membership for £146.51 plus a £4.03 foreign purchase fee.

Most banks / cards will charge you for purchases in foreign currencies. This is usually based on the actual purchase amount, but there is also often a minimum charge (in my case clearly £1 per purchase). This means that a monthly subscription is going to cost you much more in currency conversion fees than an annual subscription, even taking into account the actual savings you make with an annual subscription.

Yes I am being charged too :frowning: I didn’t actually realise until I read this post so thank you!

Thank you all, i guess my best bet then is the annual subscription.

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pts, I don’t know if this coupon it’s still available, but you can try :wink: “did you really just share this on reddit”

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It doesn’t. I tried that when I had to subscribe and it was expired :wink:

I’m a bit late now but I brought a lifetime membership during the new year sale and got a £1.25 non-sterling purchase fee.

Seems your all sorted now though, I hope it didn’t cost you too much :sweat_smile:

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