Payment Error notification on the dashboard

I was about to do my reviews then suddenly I saw they were blocked and there was a message on top of the dashboard:

We have noticed you haven’t renewed your subscription, d-hermit.

Can you please tell us why you have decided not to renew? Please email us why you have decided to not have the Crabigator in your kanji enlightenment journey. We appreciate the time you have taken out of your day to do so.

What happened is the payment method I was using became unavailable, so the monthly recurring payment failed. As I understand there’s a grace period of 7 days after which the subscription was cancelled.

Since it is clearly possible to show messages on the dashboard, it would be great if you could show a warning about a failed payment first.

I realize you probably sent an email but don’t check that inbox. What I do check several times a day is WK dashboard :slight_smile:

And no worries, I’m still a faithful follower of the Crabigator :crabigator:


That’s a good point. You should probably email this feedback to them though, since they don’t always check the forums.


Same thing happened for me. Apparently, my card doesn’t accept recurring payments anymore. If I didn’t happen to check my inbox exactly on the fourth time they tried getting the payment from me (on the very seventh day of grace period), I might have been blocked as well.

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