Pause subscription?

Can I pause my account? I have some other focus on coding, but I find it a throw away of money if I just leave wanikani on vacation mode, just started two months ago.

Do you have a monthly subsctiption? Then I believe you can just send an email or push a button in the ‘subscription’ tab in your account. With yearly it might be harder, unless you’re already close to the end of this term.

But it’s best to ask questions like these directly to the team:


Paid for yearly through paypal. Just started two months ago.

Then I’d just email and ask what they think, but you started an agreement, and you thought you’d commit for the whole year, at least. Why not just ease up on lessons, and keep reviewing once a day. That way you also keep engaging with Japanese, even if you also have to pause your grammar study. And the time commitment lessens as you do less lessons. Like, maybe only on weekends, and no more than 30, or whatever feels doable to you.

Ye, maybe just 1 hour a day. First my focus was 1 level every week :sweat_smile:
Because I really wanted to be lv60 already next year.

Well, you’ll never make that goal if you pause :wink:. Slower progress is still progress, and at your current grammar, all of those level 50+ vocab won’t be of much use, anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Especially if you won’t have time to devote too much time to Japanese, because of your shifted priorities.


I agree with @Saida. Progress, even if it is slower, is progress.

If you don’t think you can keep at it though, you could also wait until around 18 Dec 2020 when the sale on “lifetime” will be live. You can use the remaining months in your subscription as credit towards lifetime. Yeah, in the end potentially going to cost you more money just to be able to go into vacation mode without burning your subscription.

I hope you can figure out how to continue your progrees, even if it is a little slower than you would have liked.

Good luck!


Im doing 3 lessons a day because uni and work, It’s really slow but i get through it at below 100 reviews a day (30mins i guess)

Curious observation

And you mean started the 1 year subscription 2 months ago right ?
(else you would have gotten to lvl 27 in less than half the possible time at roughly a level every 2½ days)


I noticed that too haha. they must mean the subscription, right??

Yea, 300 + I already 3 times had this subscription would be total 540 something like that, I had to buy the liftime directly first time.

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