Patterns of Use/Common Word Combinations Export Script/CSV?

I’ve seen some others ask similar things in the past but haven’t found anyone who has done it yet.

I’m looking to add all of the Patterns of Use/Common Word Combinations into a separate SRS system, I’ve been copying and formatting them myself up until now. Have got half way through Level 3 but beginning to lose steam on it as it’s super time consuming - taking more time to make the cards than actually study them.

Just wondering if there’s an existing script/CSV file with everything already in? I remember reading that having it added to the API is low priority, but have seen other users with CSVs of context sentences so hoping there’s something for these.

Yeah… Anyone able to help (save my sanity)? :slight_smile:


Context Sentences are really in the API, but not Patterns of Use / Common Word Combinations.

Probably the only way is web scraping / some internal web API, but that’s pretty high-handed.

The Item Inspector script can export to CSV everything covered by the API. This does not include the Patterns of Use / Common Word @polv indicated.

Just have to hope there’s a sheet someone has create somewhere, or I’ll have to get back to making it myself!

Hi - Checking in if you had any luck? I find the common word combinations extremely useful, but am mostly using a third-party-app, which does not even show them. So I’d like to export them to Anki or something similar. The combinations for Level 1-5 came out two years ago, so maybe there is at this point something? Kind of unfortunate that adding it to kthe API is so low on WKs priority list; it was requested quite some time ago.

Sorry for my delayed reply! Unfortunately no luck on finding these online anywhere. I did start compiling them myself but didn’t get very far and I was spending too much time getting it into a format that worked. I might try get back to it as I do think they’re very useful and help me expand vocab through building on existing knowledge.

Do update here if you find anything too!

Any developments on this? I too would like an SRS version of the common word collocations if it exists?

I asked about this recently too, still not part of the API :pensive:

But for once you get to levels 17-60, I’m keeping a list of all vocab that has collocations listed. It’s not quite what you’re looking for since it only lists the words that have collocations, not what those collocations actually are, but maybe it’ll save you time once you get to level 17

(levels 1-16 aren’t listed bc all of those words have collocations, sorry)

I’ve thought about making a CSV for the collocations too, but I’d probably have to input all of those manually too… so probably won’t. But if I do I’ll reply to this thread

Glad to have got some replies to this! I actually took a break from WK and got back into it again recently. I have managed to compile word combos for Levels 1-8.

It’s not been proof read as there’s a lot of data and it’s pulled from some complicated scripting/formulae in Google Sheets.

I’ll try to get it into a format that’s suitable for sharing and maybe the community can start using it and suggest any changes. I may also upload it as a community deck somewhere and the sheets are VERY slow due to the levels of complexity.

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It’s a shame, I find the short sentences (collocations) with the word in practice much more useful than the example sentences (which I never look at). I get a better feeling for how the word is used just by looking at the common word usage rather than a long, weirdly humoured, example sentence!

Perhaps we can all pool together? I am happy to collect the ones from level 13-16 as I progress. Perhaps someone in the lower levels can add the ones from there too?