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Ok…bear with me on this one. I was watching this music video for Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar that somebody sent me and there’s this scene where she comes running out of her house 'cause mom and pop just don’t understand her or something…but all I can see are these damned kanji on her t-shirt. I can’t escape. I see them everywhere now and I don’t even live in Japan.

I decided to try and decode what is says, on the off chance it is actually Japanese, but my kanji skills aren’t quite up to scratch.

Here’s the screenshot:


As you can see, one character is kinda tucked away.

I think I can see 矢 anyhow, but the rest I had to try and assemble from radicals via Jisho. The last one looks like 部…and the middle one…looks something like 罹 but not quite.

What do you guys think? I’m probably showing my ignorance here, but maybe it’s actually Chinese?

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It says 矢羅部
The middle kanji uses a different version of the thread radical.


on jisho you can actually input it to look exactly like in the picture but as soon as you click on it it defaults back to the normal one instead which is… weird

Had a look at the video. You missed a character.

It says 目矢羅部 --> アイ + や + ラ ブ --> “I love you” I guess?


Googling that gave me this:


There’s a pretty funny breakdown for what this might all mean.


Yeah, I know. :yum:

That’s what the link seems to suggest. Very odd.


Someone please call her and ask.


She’d probably wonder why so many people are staring at her boobs


I dunno. It was all the rage among kids in the eighties in Japan to spell common kana-only words with complex kanji using ateji. For example, 夜露死苦 = よろしく


Interesting, didn’t know about this at all. Rikaichamp actually recognised that one too. Things are making more sense then.

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I’ve seen 愛羅武勇 for “I love you” before, so this :point_down: is probably right :woman_shrugging:

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