Password Reset Process - No Password Confirmation

Yesterday, I forgot my password for WK. Naturally, I clicked the “forgot my password” option on the log in screen. A while later, I received the password reset link in my email. When I clicked the link I was brought to a page to enter a new password for my account. However, there is only one password input box, and no way to see the password that you’ve entered to confirm it is correct. Because of this, the password that I entered was incorrect, and I couldn’t use the password I thought I had made to log back in. As a result, I went through the reset process twice or three times in order to type a new password without making a typo. Since the emails take a while to come in, this has taken me the best part of 12 hours.

While it’s easier to type on a laptop, I was also doing this on my phone, and trying to type a password without making a typo on a phone is very difficult.

My suggestion is to add a second input box on the reset page for “password confirmation”, so that if the user mistakenly enters two different passwords and makes a typo, it will prompt them to try again before accepting the new password. Alternatively, a “toggle visibility” option would allow users to check that the password is correct before proceeding.

I feel that this is especially important for mobile users, and that it would be of great benefit to the WaniKani community as a whole.

Well, that’s all she wrote.



I think this is actually a very important thing to have in order to avoid typos and getting into this mess that Krispy had^


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