PASS the first level in one week! my plans for the year

Hi everyone! Honestly, I don’t clear understand how this community works butttt… heheehe I reached the second level in one week!!! I am really happy about it and just want to share my emotions here!!!
This year I have plan to learn japanise everyday. I started learning it because it sounds wonderful and stunning for me (i am a violinsts) and ofc i want to read manga :slight_smile:
hm, this year started well for my educational path! not only for japanise< i also have 10 days streak playing jazz violin (right now only scales and exercises because I just discovered the huge world of jazz)

Btw, what are your planes for this year?


Congrats on getting past the first hurdle!

If you need to know more about how WK works and leveling, you can read about it here. :slight_smile:

The important bit is that after the first 2 levels, the SRS-intervals go back to normal so your fastest level up time will be <7 days. (until you hit the “fast levels”, which are lv 40+ and above. Not all of of them lets you level up on a 4 day basis however. But, defo all the lv 50 levels do.

Mine is to reach lv 60 this year and to finally make my first trip to Japan. I hope you’ll manage to get there yourself in the future! ^>^


Well done on your progress. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step :slight_smile:

My plans this year is to pass JLPT 4 at the end of the year exam in Edinburgh. Im just waiting for the dates to release and then I will book it.

Im going to Tokyo in October as well so right now I am studying Genki 1 book, WaniKani and I have a teacher on iTalki so just studying daily and will hopefully reach my goal by the end of the year.

Good luck with your goals!