Pace setting for repeaters

I have been on Wanikani for the past 2 years. When I started out, I made it close to level 15. I took a break, and I didn’t recall much. I asked for a level reset to level 1 to begin again, and now I can notice that after just one recall, I am able to recollect most of the radicals, and kanji.

While, I understand setting pace is not a good thing for newlearners, but for people who have already gone through all the material once, should have an option to restart, but at a faster pace.

I feel WK is an awesome platform, but just slowly going through everything again will likely be demotivating and I am just hoping I don’t give up on the way again.

Thank you for reading.

Nothing to be done about it now, but for future reference:

If you feel like you need to reset your level (as I did recently after an extended break), you do not have to reset all the way to level one. I was on level 32, but I had been using the reorder script to (against reasonable advice) learn the kanji as quickly as possible and skipping most of the vocab.

After returning from a trip to Japan three weeks ago, I decided to go back to where I was caught up on the vocab and do things properly from there, so I requested a reset to level 20 and am feeling much better about not having a lesson queue of 1700 and a review queue of 600.

Try to stay motivated and power through it. It will pay off in the long run and I hope this information is useful to you in the future.

First of all I’d like to congratulate you on trying to get your reading studies back on track. Many people get too focused on being off track and the amount of work they must do I’m order to catch up, then subsequently quit because they’ve completely lost all motivation.

Although I understand that you probably wrote what you wrote with the intent to vent frustration, but threads like these only spur others with similar frustrations to vent, which results in a relatively negative thread in general. If you indeed want to make this suggestion, it’s probably best to email the staff directly at their email that way it can properly be addressed.

With that being said, I encourage you to keep at it and not give up!

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yes, don’t give up, this is my second reset :innocent: we’ll get there :slight_smile: slow is good

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