Overwhelming GENKI Vocab! D:

The Genki 1 study group in Second Life that I’m part of is going slowly at the tail-end of Chapter 11 (page 263 to be exact). There are only less than a handful of us at the moment and when I was absent last weekend, I think there was a newcomer who just learned hiragana joined us.

So I am not sure how Yoshi Sensei will balance out the lessons with that new person in the picture (or if they will continue coming next weekend onwards) but at least you have the upper hand from currently being in Chapter 10, if you’re interested and free to join us.

I also think the lessons are pacing very slowly towards the end of the chapter and before moving on to Genki 2 because one of our classmates are currently on maternal leave. So if you join us around this time, you’ll be able to ask anything you are confused about to our native Japanese teacher volunteer. I certainly have quite a lot of grammar and vocabulary to revise in Chapter 10 and before that…it’s the Intermediate wall that we’re approaching :grimacing:

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