[Oversight] "Rice field" should be accepted for "rice paddy"

I’ve failed multiple revision sessions on one of the easiest radicals because instead of writing “rice paddy” I wrote “rice field”. I think “rice field” should be added as an alternative answer to the radical and kanji.

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There is an option for synonyms. To this day I don’t even know what paddy means :joy: I just memorized it…


It’s essentially just a (deliberately) flooded field :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wikipedia calls them paddy fields, so I’d say it’s safe to call rice paddy and rice field synonyms!

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“Rice field” and “rice paddy” taught me that I could add synonyms. I never saw that option until I whined about it on the forum and some user said, “Dude, just add a synonym!”

It was eye-opening for me. Don’t remember who it was, but that person really saved my mental stabilitiy, because I was going crazy whenever that radical popped up in my reviews.