Override (Chrome) doesnt work after update

Does this happen to anyone else? I am using the Tampermonkey extension Override Version 1.2
But after the update, the red button doesnt appear and the scrict is in fact not loaded. I tried reinstalling the script without success.
As for now I have to do reviews on the phone which is troublesome-


You mean double check? It wasn’t updated yet

@Gorbit99, no they mentioned the red button that’s found in Override. I’m shocked that script still works… or did until this week.

Anyway, I only have about an hour of work left on Double-Check, just to make sure all of the combinations of rad/kan/voc and reading/meaning, plus lightning mode, are all working. (Not sure if I can stay awake, though. Might have to wait until morning).


I meant the script called override but it seems people use double check nowadays. Ill wait for the update then, thank you

You’re so thorough! I’m not nearly as diligent with my scripts


I was so confused! I hope something can get sorted out, or I will just have to stick to doing wanikani on my phone. :frowning: SOS

None of my scripts are working, the 1x1 back to back reviews either. Guess I’ll take time away until some great person manages to fix these things. Thanks to someone who does, no way I have the skill or knowledge to be able to do it.

My “Back to Back” script works, although it’s missing a couple of the better modes I had before the change

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