[Outdated][Userscript] Scrollbox

Adds a section on the dashboard that displays scrolling SRS level colour-coded links to WaniKani items and allows toggling for each item type and SRS level.

Note: If you have never used any of my scripts, before running this script, make sure you enter your API key in the indicated area below the license comment or the script won’t work.

You also need Greasemonkey (Firefox) or Tampermonkey (Chrome) to use this script.

Greasemonkey (Firefox)
Tampermonkey (Chrome) 

Edit: Screenshot of 0.9.0

Edit: Screenshot of 0.9.1

Current version: (12-29-2014)
Most recent change: Added a boolean variable that, when set to false, allows the user to move the location of the section to a location near the bottom of the page. This variable can be found under the API key variable near the top of the script.

Link: Greasy Fork
Other Scripts: Burn Reviews
Please report any glitches you find.

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This is awesome,
good work.

When I click start it WaniKani says : “error” ;_;

GreenWarrior said... When I click start it WaniKani says : "error" ;_;
Did you enter your API key correctly?

Ethan said...This is awesome,
good work.
Thank you!

Nifty!Any inspiration from the “Japanese” dictionary app on the app store?

pushindawood said... Nifty!Any inspiration from the "Japanese" dictionary app on the app store?
 Yep! I liked it so much that I decided to make my own for WaniKani. : D

Woow, I just saw this in my greasemonkey list and for some reason I didn’t know I had this script.
Good though, I really like the idea.

Currently it’s “Retrieving radical data…”, is this supposed to take a while for some reason?
“Updated/ReDLed” it btw, just to make sure I wasn’t using an outdated version.
I entered my API key and after pressing start it’s been retrieving for a while (though there doesn’t seem to be any network activity).

Same here. What should I do?

Can anyone repair it?

Can you check if this one works for you? I had some time to kill.

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Thank you. It works.