Ouran High School Host Club 🌸 Book Club // Starting Volume 4 on Feb 3rd, 2024 (桜蘭高校ホスト部)

Chapter 7 is here:

I’ve closed the polls from last week. It seems we are going with the suggested schedule. I have one question though. For whoever voted on a slower pace, did any of you also vote for a longer break between volumes?

Because if any of you need 2 weeks between volume 2 and 3, I hope people wouldn’t be against making the break a little longer to help people keep/catch up.

Let me know! :smiley: For now we’re going for a one week break and ca 30 pages / week, in this case basically 1 chapter per week for volume 3.

PS. Let me know if I made any mistakes this week. I might have had a drink or two and suddenly had my plans for tomorrow changed so I couldn’t do book club updates then. Don’t drink and book club. :joy: