Ouran High School Host Club 🌸 Book Club // Currently Reading Volume 1 (桜蘭高校ホスト部)

In volume one, each chapter appears to consist of 52 pages:

  • Title Page
  • One-Page Manga (either mangaka-related or a preview)
  • 50-Page Chapter

This gives a clean split of 25 pages per week if we split chapters in half.

I can provide a non-spoiler screenshot from each mid-chapter page.


I wouldn’t mind the screenshots, but I might not pick that page, if there is a scene break or pause in conversation or something a couple of pages either side, because a nice break makes a difference.

I would appreciate the screenshots, but I’m sure I’ll do okay without them if you don’t have time. ^^


Knowing the chapters (at least in volume 1) are 50 pages long, meaning 25 double-sided pages, you only need to count 12 physical pages to find the halfway point, then peek a page or two in either direction for a good break. That does sound simple enough for a physical lookup.


Well, polls are closed and here are our results:

Starting May 20th and reading half a chapter per week.

Week Start Date Chapter Page Numbers Page Count
Week 1 May 20th Chapter 1 - Part 1 3 - 26 24
Week 2 May 27th Chapter 1 - Part 2 27 - 54 28
Week 3 Jun 3rd Chapter 2 - Part 1 55 - 79 25
Week 4 Jun 10th Chapter 2 - Part 2 80 - 106 27
Week 5 Jun 17th Chapter 3 - Part 1 107 - 137 31
Week 6 Jun 24th Chapter 3 - Part 2 138 - 158 21
Week 7 Jul 1st 番外編〜ハニー先輩[…]〜 + Egoistic Club 159 - 177 19

I’ll put the last panel of each chapter split under spoiler below (aka end page for week 1, 3, and 5). If you don’t mind, @ChristopherFritz, would you check that my page numbers are correct for the splits? I hope I didn’t make a mistake in my counting. Also I assumed the start page for chapter 2 and 3 were for the chapter title page. No hurry though since we’re not starting for two months.

I covered up the only thing that was a spoiler in these images.

Chapter 1 - part 1 last panel

Chapter 2 - part 1 last panel

Chapter 3 - part 1 last panel


They all look good!


Thanks! :blush:

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Oh boy, I can’t believe I just found this book club! I will definitely lurk around for a few weeks, and see if I feel comfortable joining it… I have unfortunately joined too many book clubs for now, so I don’t think I’ll manage such a text heavy manga, but I’ll try my best ^^


This one is currently above my level, but I love the anime so much that I’ll probably join. Maybe by the time May rolls around my japanese will be that much better.

I’ve never read the manga, so I think this would be a lot of fun.


I’m also in the boat of too-many-book-clubs and definitely-not-N2, but everybody make it sound like so much fun. I’m also counting on my Japanese improving in two months, so why not give it a try and see if I can fit it in my routine.
And the Bookwalker free preview is 50 pages, that almost covers the first two weeks (54 pages!). So I think I’ll join for the first two weeks and see after that if I chewed too much or if it’s doable :smiling_face:


There’s no such thing as too many book clubs. There’s only too little time for an insane amount of book clubs.


First off, since when was the auto close on a topic 10 years

Secondly, it’s so funny that this is happening since I just bought the whole set yesterday on a whim! I only just passed the N5 this last decemeber so I know I’m not even close to the level required to enjoy reading this series but I love the anime and I’ve a renewed vigor for studying right now so I figured why not.


Depends on the category the thread is in. Book clubs are fine if they are long lived, you don’t expect a lot of messages after a year, but from time to time people want to ask questions.


Just a reminder to everyone planing to join this book club :bangbang: We are starting in 3,5 weeks, so if you want to read physical and haven’t gotten around to ordering yet, you might want to do it posthaste!

Also, so looking forward to this. And because polls are fun:

Should I change the thread title to the Japanese title or keep English title?
  • English
  • 日本語:桜蘭高校ホスト部

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I first went with English because I wasn’t really thinking about it, and then I figured more people would probably recognize the English title but not the Japanese. But hey, gotta get used to it at some point, yes? (Also, I could add the English title at the very end (if we went with Japanese), but it probably wouldn’t show a lot of the time.)


I’m wondering if any fellow Europeans have bought the physical version and if yes, where have you got it from? (I don’t see it in Verasia.) Otherwise, I will still join with the digital book, but would prefer physical if possible.


@snowwater Unfortunately I bought it when I was in Japan (I’m a fellow European). Considering how old it is, and that it hasn’t gotten new formats (like a fancy kanzenban or something like that), I’m not sure it is easy to get a hold off.

Also, the poll is showing a real preference for English, I guess I made the right choice originally. xD


@ChristopherFritz I made a copy of the Orange vocabulary google sheet you made for me for that club and changed it up for this. Would you mind looking it over?

I don’t know if I’ve done everything correctly. I’ve never really made a google sheet before to be shared with others. :sweat_smile:

Also, how did you get those envelop emoji/image in the name of the title sheets? Can’t even find how to add emojis. ^^


Ooo, pink, very stylish

You copy-paste it from a site into the box. Alternatively on windows, win+. is the shortcut for the system wide emoji picker iirc


Color scheme and emoji all because the おう in Ouran is written with the kanji for cherry blossom, 桜.

Ah, copy paste! And yes, it worked. ^^ Same emoji everywhere. xD


For the cover image on the “Editing Guide” page, I recommend either cropping the image to be the same dimensions as the box (I think 400x266), or resizing the column to match the size of the cover image. This prevents having extra space between the border and the image:




Here’s a cropped version of the cover if you want to keep the same dimensions:

(Odd that our cover images have different hues.)

I don’t have a recommendation on whether to use a cropped image, or keep the whole image and resize the columns to fit the image. It’s a matter of whichever you feel looks better.

Everything else looks good. Just need to have it be editable by others.

There should be a big “Share” button at the top-right of the page:


These are the settings you want it to have:


And thus we’re left with artwork pages in black and white =(


I knew I’d be missing something with the sharing link. Thanks for catching that! It didn’t look like the link changed after I updated it, so let me know if it work as expected now.

I was kinda lazy with the cover image and just smacked it in there and figured I’d fix it later or not, but I took the cropped one you made for me. Thanks!

And actually, that isn’t from my cover, pretty sure I stole that picture from Bookmeter/Amazon (it is very hard to take a good picture of a physical cover because somehow I always have it at a bit of an angle).

Funnily enough, I went and looked at my physical copy and it’s pink-red hue is somewhere between that BM/A pink and your red. I guess each printing came out different somehow! :joy:

I’m planing to do a first fill in of the characters sometime in the next week (possibly tomorrow because I’m thinking about it now), and I wondered if you’d be willing to screenshot their faces and add those from the digital copy.

Because while I can take pictures from my physical copy, it is a real pain to get good light and hold it just right and sometimes a cat wants to help like when I did it for the grammar dictionary (posting again for cuteness factor):

He’s a bad help, because he thinks I want him to lay on the book.

As an aside, I think we should also later add new character pics (like a new column) when the art gets better some amount of volumes in, so future people can see that yes it does get better. xD