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does anyone know of a site i can use that happens to demonstrate kanji symbols on a everyday japan life?
id like to see pictures or videos on particular sentence structures and how the kanji’s are formed in a sentence and explained simply.

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I’m not really sure what you mean… sorry.
Kanji symbols in everyday life - Do you mean common kanji/words? Wanikani I think is enough for that. You could also try Jisho.org and just look up random vocab/kanji lists :slight_smile:
Pictures and videos - Maybe try following some Japanese people on twitter/facebook? There’s also Hellotalk, which lets you talk to natives. For videos, you could watch some Japanese shows or youtube videos.

Sentence structures - Do you mean grammar? I’d recommend Imabi.net, and Tae Kim’s Guide to Japanese Grammar (This one is really good for beginners!)

I think you’re a bit confused with kanji
Kanji aren’t really ‘formed’ in a sentence. They are Chinese characters with certain meanings and pronunciation that are used to distinguish words in a sentence.
For example, the word 火山 uses the kanji “Fire” and “Mountain” to mean “Volcano.” It is pronounced “かざん/kazan”
They aren’t exactly 'formed" in different ways depending on grammar. That is Hiragana and Katakana :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any questions!


You can take a gander at Wanikani’s own twitter to see signs and such from around Japan to see how Kanji is used in “the wild.”

Besides that, you can look up Japanese news on NHK, read official excerpts from Japanese manga comics on pixiv or comic-days, or find Japanese celebrities to stalk follow on Twitter.

Also, Tofugu has an article series that covers probably anything Kanji-related you’d like to know.

This one’s supposed to be pretty good:
Most Used Kanji

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Did you just send a link to the homepage or did I do something wrong


Read the Kanji is nice. It prompts you with a sentence and you have to fill in the correct kanji.



I sent a link to wanikani homepage. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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thanks this is useful:blush::smile:


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