Other Onyomi are not accepted

Well, I tried to answer the second onyomi form of the Kanji ‘‘Power’’, which is りゃく. It was exactly like that but it didn’t accepted it. Another one is the ‘‘Big’’ which is だい and it did the same mistake.

It’s りく, not りく.
That’s why it’s not accepted.
Not sure why だい wouldn’t be accepted for 大 though.

If you really think it’s a bug, send an email describing the bug to hello@wanikani.com

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I would recommend taking a screenshot of what you’re entering when you think it’s wrong. As was mentioned, if you entered りゃく, that was rightfully marked incorrect, but if you entered something else and only typo’d it here, it would help to see it.

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Oops I now know how it came wrong. I was too eager to answer りゃくbecause of the sound ‘‘rock’’ but it totally came opposite to what it actually sound.

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