Other apps like Bish Bash Bosh?

I am so glad I found mention of Bish Bash Bosh. I use it daily. I’m wondering if there are apps or websites that also use WK’s API key to gain access/awareness to what I’m working on. I hope so!


Huh? What is Bish Bash Bosh?
I googled and it seems like it’s a vegan cookbook.




Sorry @saraqael ! Bish Bash Bosh is an application that, with a connection to your WK database via an API address provides you with a flashcard kind of drill of items you’ve recently missed in reviews as well as others. I find it very helpful to drill myself.

Thanks to @Warrie for providing the link to it.

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Ah, ok! Thanks for letting me know. That does seem quite handy. Sadly though, I don’t know of other such websites.

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I didn’t actually answer your question I see, sorry for that.

There are quite a lot of websites and apps that works together with WK.
Satori reader for example syncs with your WK account so it only shows the Kanji which you already learned. Super convenient.

These are the apps/sites I created tokens for:
Satori reader
WK History
Wanikani stats
WK Stats
Flaming Durtles

And for the awesome Kanji Study app there is an easy way to sort all the Kanji to WK lesson order, if you’re interested I’ll give you the explanation link for that.

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