Order of difficulty for these books?


I remembered having bought a bunch of japanese literature last year to train my reading skills. Back then i couldn´t really read though so i put them on the back burner. But i think the time has come! Only one problem: I cannot gauge the difficulty of these books, so i´d love to hear some thoughts from the community. Perhaps you encountered some of them(?).

Anyway, i´m talking about these ones:

  • 神様 (川上弘美)
  • 天国の本屋 (明日資松久)
  • 招待状 赤川次郎ショートショート王国
  • 青の時代 (三島由紀夫)
  • 君が見つける物語

All of them have max. like 250 pages and skimming through them i can´t really feel their difficulty, so if you have read even one of them i´d be thankful for some opinions!

For some reason I bought this book a while ago, but I don’t remember why :rofl: Probably somebody recommended it to me, but I don’t recall anything about it.

I haven’t read it yet but I just checked out a page or two, and here is what I found:
Grammar-wise it felt like an intermediate-level book. There is nothing too fancy but I encountered a few long-ish sentences that might need some practicing if you haven’t done any reading yet. But if you’re at N3 grammar level, then that’s probably totally doable.
Kanji-wise, I am level 41 and I’ve seen a few kanji that I just learned in the upper 30s levels (which you will reach soon) and a few I don’t know yet, but the kanji usage is definitely not too fancy and not too dense.
Vocab-wise, this is always the hardest to judge because it totally depends on what people studied before. My vocab is not that fancy, but I could read a page or so and only encountered a small handful of unknown-to-me words.
It looks like it consists of a bunch of short stories? This is always nice because you don’t commit to a long story and get the reward of having finished something pretty quickly. On the other hand, you need to figure out the setting of each story anew.

Anyways, I don’t know where you’re at with your studies (especially grammar studies) but if you’re anywhere in that area of N3 or so, this might be an enjoyable read.