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Letter 21

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Chapter thoughts

Not what I expected from this chapter at all.

This chapter turned things around. Naho and Kakeru are going out together.

Ueda-senpai tried to ruin things again. That girl gotta be plenty screwed up to keep doing that. Get over yourself Ueda-senpai and become happier, you might even find a guy who’ll like you for you then.

Okay, now that I’ve finished throwing shade on her.

We know what happens tomorrow. Kakeru will find his mother’s phone and the text/email she never sent. I wouldn’t want to be in Kakeru’s shoes for sure. Scary times. O_O

Unexpected sponsorship

I can’t wait for the next chapter, so I’m gonna read it now. Wish me luck!


Went ahead and read this chapter today as well, since I had some free time! That makes ~70 pages read today, which is probably the most I’ve ever done in one day (AND at no point during reading was I actually thinking about my page count!).

This was a sweet chapter. I laughed when Kakeru said 菜穂 チョコ… ちょうだい。

One question … on page 156 (if I counted correctly) someone says それに俺には 叶えなきゃいけない 夢がもう1つ あるから! Does anyone know what that’s all about? I mean, I believe that I understand the sentence just fine, I just don’t know why that’s being said, by whom, wherefore … I think it’s probably a Hagita joke? but I just don’t get it.

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This is Suwa saying he’s fine with not pursuing Naho because he has another dream to pursue (soccer).

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