Orange 🍊 ✉ Book Club // Starting July 2nd

Decisions we can make along the way:

  • Should the sheet for chapter one be split in two (for the two separate weeks)?

  • Do we want a separate spreadsheet/file for each volume, or do we want to include multiple (or all) volumes in one spreadsheet/file?

It’s usually one spreadsheet/file per volume, but most manga book clubs have more than four chapters per volume!


Thank you so much! I appreciate the assist.

I was actually wondering if we should use the same thread for both parts of chapter 1 or not. I think it makes sense to set up the spreadsheet the same way the threads are. And I think I’ll basically decide depending on reply volume for the first week. If it is a lot, then have two threads. Not that much? One thread for chapter 1. ^^

Flying Witch uses the same spreadsheet for all volumes. I’ve been peaking in other clubs to look into things. And I think that is quite a nice solution. They have the first volume’s chapter in separate tabs and then each volume (from 2 and up) gets one tab each. I can definitely see also diving volume 2 into separate tabs depending on how filled in each chapter gets.

Also, we will have a lot of fun filling in page numbers since there seems to be max 2 page numbers printed in each chapter (from cursory look when trying to count pages and such). :joy:

This is starting to feel like a real club! Schedule set, start date set, vocabulary sheet. Just need to wait slightly less than two weeks and we’re off. :tada: :tangerine: :tada: :tangerine: :tada: :tangerine:

That reminds me, I need to go add us to the master list. *scurries away*


This is one reason I’d probably never nominate 「俺物語!!」. Volume one alone has maybe four page numbers, and they’re all fairly close to one another. Plus, it lacks any table of contents or chapter numbers, although each volume does split evenly into four chapters.) Then I nominated 「耳をすませば」 which is pretty much worse on all accounts, except that it’s only one volume long.


I just ordered Orange 7, and a whole bunch more books (physical)… My wallet will be crying blood for a while… :sweat_smile:


That’s actually an advantage of reading digitally :joy_cat: You just need one page number to determine the offset, and everything else falls into place.


I ordered :orange_book: yesterday (and, naturally, enough other books to qualify for free shipping), so between that and the free online preview of chapter 1, I should be good to go! And my wallet is also crying. :joy:


Just stopped by a used bookstore and got all 7 volumes for around $15!

All ready and excited to start this series! :blush: :tangerine:


I wish we had bookstores like that here… :disappointed_relieved:
envious much :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile: