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Welp, I guess we’ll have chapter threads for the whole series. :rofl: Because apparently I can time travel letters too!

Anyway, chapter 7 is up.

And because, you know, the end of the volume is coming up the week after this. I guess it is poll time!

Should there be a break between volume 2 and 3? (You can pick two)
  • No, let’s go!
  • Yes, one week would be great.
  • Yes, but I’d like two weeks (or more, leave a comment)

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Can’t believe you are already almost finished reading volume 2 …
meanwhile I didn’t even start yet :joy: (I plan to catch up though)


I know, right? It feels so weird to say the volume is almost over after two weeks, but for these first few volumes there are only 4 chapters in each, so… ^^

Technically though, only half the volume have been read so far, 3/4 chapter is this week.


Volumes 2-5 are on sale on Bookwalker until 3rd of September. Probably volume 1 too, but I already had that so can’t tell!

Since I’ve now bought them I guess I’ll be continuing with the club!


And the last chapter (#8) of volume 2 is here:

The majority wanted a break between volume 2 and 3, so volume 3 starts on September 17. I will look at volume 3’s chapters and figure out a preliminary schedule in the next few days (or possibly later tonight depending on if I find time). And then I’ll make a poll. :slight_smile:


Gah! Completely forgot to work on the schedule for volume 3! :scream:

Well, this is our break week, so I guess now is a good time?!?!

Start Date Chapter Page Numbers Page Count
Sep 17th Letter 9 5 - 50 46
Sep 24th Letter 10 53 - 88 36
Oct 1st Letter 11 91 - 128 38
Oct 8th Letter 12 131 - 162 32

Since volume 3 still have 4 chapters, I think a good division would be by chapter although they are a bit shorter in this volume. I think the best option for higher speed (if we want it) would be to read 2 chapters per week, but that really adds up at 82 pages and 70 pages.

But this is a democracy, so here is the poll:

How fast to read volume 3?
  • 1 ch per week
  • 2 ch per week
  • Other idea (leave a comment!)

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Then I got curious: if we keep reading each volume over 4 weeks with a break in between, can we finish the original story (the first 5 volumes) this year, and then break for the holidays and pick up the additional/continued story from volume 6 and 7 next year?

So I went looking and this is what I found...

Assuming we finish volume 3 with the schedule we’ve been using so far (including taking a break between volumes), volume 4 would start October 22. Five weeks from that (4 weeks reading, one break), volume 5 would start on November 26 and finish December 23. Meaning, it is entirely possible to finish before the holidays (barely). Then we could either have one week off and start volume 6 right around New Years, or take two weeks off and start about a week into January.

Next step was to check number of chapters and lengths. Volume 4 and 5 both have 5 chapters. And volume 5 is 35-50 pages longer (the last chapter of vol 5 ends on page 210). So there isn’t as easy to figure out how to make each of those volumes take 4 weeks.

Quick note about the page counts: they do include chapter title pages, but does not include empty pages between chapters (I consider small side-note illustrations also as “empty” in this case). So if you only want to count pages that have text (or high likelihood of text) reduce each chapter’s page amount by 1-2 pages.

Volume 4

Start Date Chapter Page Numbers Page Count
Oct 22nd* Letter 13 5 - 46 42
n/a Letter 14 49 - 86 38
n/a Letter 15 89 - 115 27
n/a Letter 16 117 - 149 33
n/a Letter 17 151 - 174 24

*probable start date for this volume (if we do volume 3 as usual), leaving rest blank for now

How to do volume 4 in 4 weeks

The best possibility to make this a four week read (in my opinion), would be to combine chapter 16 and 17 together; it would make for our longest week yet at 57 pages, but with a one week break after the volume, you’d have two weeks to read it (aka personally skipping the break). And it would only be about 10 pages longer than our longest chapter to date.

Volume 5

Start Date Chapter Page Numbers Page Count
n/a Letter 18 5 - 40 36
n/a Letter 19 43 - 85 43
n/a Letter 20 87 - 119 33
n/a Letter 21 120 - 157 38
n/a Last Letter* 159 - 210 52

*the title name could potentially be considered a very tiny spoiler

How to do volume 5 in 4 weeks

Eeeeh… With whole chapters, I’m not entirely sure this could be done nicely. The lowest combined page amount to be found would be chapter 20+21, making a 71 pages week. Although, considering it is also gearing up to the end, I suppose it would be hard to stop reading anyway?

I think my conclusion from this little look ahead is that volume 4 can fairly easily be contained to 4 weeks, with the longest week only being about 10 pages more than we’ve done before. While volume 5 don’t actually have a good option for combining chapters unless 71 pages in a week close to the end of the story feels okay.

In conclusion, if we want, we could finish the main story by the end of the year. This would include either no breaks between volumes and/or 1-2 longer weeks. (For example, pushing together the last two chapters of volume 4, starting volume 5 with no break and let volume 5 have 1ch/week.) So, how do people feel about it? This is just an interest poll. I want to know how people feel.

Thinking about future scheduling (holiday time usually gets busier for people), would you like for us to aim to finish volume 5 before 2023?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe / Undecided

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Maybe this was worth the accidental wait. :joy:


I voted no because as a retail worker my December is usually way busier than my actual holidays. :joy: And I think whatever pace is working for us as we approach each new volume will be just fine. I personally am in no hurry at the moment. :blush:


Oh good, I’m not the only one spending forever working out scheduling.

It’s extra fun when working on breaking chapters in two. “This one is 27 pages, so do I include the extra page with the first half or the second? Wait, the first half has a lot of pages with little text, and there are some very text-heavy pages in the middle. But if more pages are added to the first half’s week, that means the stop point between weeks will be right in the middle of a scene…”

For Rental Oniichan, I had colors/file naming to be able to quickly see and calculate the "text weight" of each part as I broke chapters in half. (Because it was fun to work out this way.)

First half of a chapter:

Second half of the chapter:


Consider my “maybe/undecided” vote as either way works for me!

Going with the current schedule of one chapter a week plus a week break between volumes is just easier for me to remember. But if there’s anyone that wants to slow down or speed up, either way I don’t mind.


Thanks for the expanded answers! :smiley:

Not that many votes yet, but seems likely we’ll just continue with picking schedule volume by volume, and honestly, looking at the chapter lengths, there isn’t really a compelling reason to combine chapters unless we actually wanted to speed up a lot. Maybe that will change with volume 6/7, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. ^^

In this case, I didn’t want to spoil myself, so I didn’t try to find places where chapters could be split. There probably are considering how the chapters looked in volume 1 (still barely started volume 2, but I’m on the path to catch up, so yay!), but I’d probably spoil a lot of stuff for myself if I tried to break things up.

Your color coding is quite cool, but also a loooooot of work I bet. O_O

All the work I did for mine was work I would have needed to do anyway. But not all at once. The good thing is that now I have that done, I can more quickly put together a schedule for volume 4 and 5.


For ABBC and BBC nominations, I only pick things I’ve read (so I know it’s club-level appropriate), so that wasn’t an issue for me. If I were a series I hadn’t read yet, I wouldn’t want to be trying to split up chapters for the chance of spoilers!

I moved pages into folders based on how much text they had (based on eyeing it, but with improved OCR technology I could automate that part if I were doing it today), then I wrote a quick script to rename and colorize the images based on which folder they were in. Then I could move them back into the main folder, and work out at a glance where it would be best to split the chapter (also considering content of the scene in the middle) =D


The first chapter of volume 3 is here, aka letter 9:

Also, considering the poll about finishing this year fell on the maybe/undecided option. I will just keep proposing schedules with the current weekly amount of one chapter a week (at least as long as they keep being about 35-45 pages). Of course, we’ll poll the speed each time.


I’ve finally caught up to the club! Started volume 1 about a month ago and volume 2 a week ago. I still haven’t read the extra story at the end of volume 2, but can catch up with that later. Who needs a cliffhanger when you can go straight on to the next letter?!


Chapter 10 is here:


Chapter 11 is here:

And since that means we’ve hit the halfway mark of volume 3, time to think about the schedule for volume 4.

EDIT: Cathm2 had an alternative way to read both volume 4 and 5. I’ve explained it in this post. Please vote in that post’s poll first/too. If that suggestion isn’t interesting to most people, then we will go with the polls below, so please still vote in them =)

First things first though:

Should we have a break between volume 3 and 4?
  • Yes, 1 week
  • No
  • Yes, but 2 weeks or more [specify if more than 2 weeks]

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So our typical schedule of one chapter a week still produces roughly the same page count (two chapters will be shorter than usual). I’ve put the dates as if we did as usual (that means 1 week break between volumes and 1ch/week).

Start Date Chapter Page Numbers Page Count
Oct 22nd Letter 13 5 - 46 42
Oct 29th Letter 14 49 - 86 38
Nov 5th Letter 15 89 - 115 27
Nov 12th Letter 16 117 - 149 33
Nov 19th Letter 17 151 - 174 24
How do you want us to read volume 4?
  • As the schedule above, 1ch/week
  • Faster, example: 4 weeks, splitting letter 16 between week 3 and 4 [specify if you want different]
  • Slower [please specify]

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Lastly, following our current scheduling, we would then start volume 5 on December 3, and read it through all of December plus first week of January. Because volume 5’s chapter are the same length as most chapters we’ve read, except the last one is unusually long.

But this holiday season is typically a lot busier for folks, so I want to do a bit of a feeler poll. If the poll is very conclusive, I will work up that as the tentative schedule to vote on as we’re finishing volume 4. Otherwise I’ll work up a couple of different schedules (from the most popular options) and we can vote on that when the times comes.

The way I see it, we have 4 options (of varying quality):
(A) keep the current schedule and ignore the holidays
(B) keep the current schedule but have 1-2 week break over the holidays. 3 chapters, 1-2 week break, 2 chapters
(C) read the first 2 chapters over two weeks each and then 1ch/week again. Meaning the first two chapters would be slowly read in December (thereby giving people an easier time to fit it into a busy schedule), and then starting on December 31st we’d read 1ch/week again
(D) wait to start volume 5 until January (well probably December 31st since it is a Saturday)

When & How would YOU prefer to read volume 5? (See details above)
  • (A) As usual
  • (B) As usual with holiday break
  • (C) Slowly and then normal speed
  • (D) Break for December and start in January

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I think I’m rivaling the poll thread in the number of polls I make you guys take. xD Hopefully you guys like clicking polls as much as I do. :stuck_out_tongue:


I voted no break and schedule as usual, because I figured if no break for the next 2 then that kind of gets volume 5 read before Christmas? Ish?

But I don’t feel strongly about it and would be happy with a slower schedule. I only recently caught up to the club!


@Cathm2 What a great idea!

For everyone!

Here is an entirely different option (from our own Cathm2!): What if we have no break between volume 3 and 4, nor between 4 and 5. Instead we just read on, one chapter per week. That would mean we would start the last chapter of volume 5 on Dec 17th, and therefore officially finish that volume on Dec 23rd. After that we could easily take a 2 week break and start volume 6 on Jan 7.

So I’m making an entirely alternate poll (because I can’t edit polls already voted on):

Would you WANT to read volume 4 and 5 with no breaks (before or between) and start the last chapter of Volume 5 on Dec 17th? If you are unsure, please pick no.
  • Yes
  • No

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Remember that volume 5 finishes the original story. So that is why we might want to rush that before the holidays rather than be left hanging (if you read at club pace).


I’m fine with anything, but always prefer without chapter splitting. If we do split a chapter, I’d probably treat it more as “read this chapter within the two week period” rather than “read half this week and half the next week”.

Going into Volume five, Kakeru discovers Naho’s letter from the future. As Naho and the others unexpectedly show up, Kakeru determines he has only one option: take a break for the holidays.


I’m very behind right now due to …circumstances… (I got really sick a couple weeks ago), and concerned about whether or not I can catch up again. I’m afraid if you all go on to the next volumes with no break that I might not be able to catch up again at all … :confused: