Orange 🍊 成瀬翔 #2 (Chapter 32)

成瀬翔 #2 (Chapter 32)

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I read ahead, partly because I wanted to know what would happen. And also because I happened to need something easy to read and Orange became that after a couple/few volumes. But I wrote my comments fresh after finishing the chapter (before reading the next).

Chapter comments, spoilers abound

I’m really enjoying these chapters with Kakeru, because I really feel like I’m getting to know all the characters better (except maybe Naho who we already know so well). Since we’ve been in Naho’s perspective (mostly), she was already friends with them, already had close relationships and also the story was so much about Kakeru.

But now first seeing Hagita’s and Kakeru’s relationship in isolation. Seeing how Takako is opening up and sharing herself with Kakeru. And Azu as well. Her cat face this chapter was pretty epic too, btw.

And then also seeing Suwa and Kakeru is always good.

Kakeru’s dad though… He can go do bad things to himself. Stupider parents are hard to find. “You are as much a failure as me”, what kind of stupid message is that? What are you hoping to accomplish you stupid XJUFB#S&$£@? Get out, get gone, and never come back.

Trust me, I’ve seen a very similar scenario happen in real life, and it messes up the kid real bad. :sob:

And Kakeru, I get he wants to become strong, but he’s really going about it in a not very helpful way. Having your friends there to prop you up, helps you grow stronger. No need to go it alone unless there is no one. Times when you have to handle things yourself will come on their own, no need to create them.


Not to justify anything, but I wonder if his intention was something like, “Don’t blame yourself over the negative aspects you inherited from me,” and it just didn’t come out right. Regardless, Kakeru’s clearly better off not being around his father.


Well, I was hoping Kakeru’s dad had an insanely amazing excuse for being missing this whole time and Kakeru got a supportive parent but… well, that didn’t happen. He might as well have stayed away for the good he did. At least it’s nice to see he has good friends and is developing his relationships beyond Naho. If only he’d let them help more. I get that he wants to be strong on his own but sometimes you need someone else to confirm for you that your parent is full of :shushing_face:


It’s been a while, but I remember reading this chapter and feeling especially sensitive about it now that I’m a mother (and also very hormonal with the second one on the way).

very strong feelings ahead

I want to remind everyone that it was Kakeru’s mother who wrote in a letter to her son revealing that she left his father because she could no longer endure his abuse. Up until then, she hung in there for Kakeru because he adored his father, and his father never did anything to hurt Kakeru. She was the one who reached her limit.

And then we get to this chapter and the first red flag we see is the lady (the father’s caretaker? Mother?) saying not to hurt Kakeru. And what does he do? He starts gaslighting him and tripping him into thinking it was his fault that his mother died.

This is something he’s struggled with since she passed, and this jerk decides to reopen this wound so he could manipulate him into thinking he needs his father to watch over him and take care of him. What a piece of work! If I were Kakeru’s mother, I would’ve smite him from the heavens for trying to hurt my son while I’m not around.

Spoilery reply

Wasn’t that Kakeru’s grandmother, the one he has been living with? Since the father visited them.

And thanks for articulating so much better everything wrong with Kakeru’s dad. All that yes. And I feel exactly the same.

The time I saw it, I don’t think it was malicious like this case and certainly not about something as serious, but it still messed with the kid real bad. And trying to convince the kid they should see their father less when they come back crying from almost every meeting was ignored because he was their father after all. (How come not malicious? Just absolutely stupid with his kid, speaking thoughtlessly and unintentionally hurtful. I met him a couple of times and he came off as well… not very smart, which is why I believed it was stupidity and not maliciousness.)