Optional JLPT Mode

For those of us studying for the JLPT, I think having a JLPT optional mode where we can learn certain JLPT kanji early instead of waiting a ton of levels would be useful. I know this could be annoying, but maybe adding an optional JLPT N5 level for example with all of the kanji/radicals that are required to learn for it.

Even a fun optional level for uncommon or interesting kanji would be cool as well.

As far as I know this would require you to bypass levels which I’m pretty sure won’t happen. I could be wrong though. If you want to learn later Kanji I suggest using Anki.

This would require an entire overhaul of WK’s system, and so is very unlikely to happen. On top of that, there’s no official JLPT kanji list, and anything you find online is either using a list from the old test or just guessing basically.

If you really do need to study for the JLPT, or if you just need/prefer to customize your learning, Anki is your best bet to be honest.

More fundamentally than this, this would require official lists of JLPT Kanji. There are none of those so the best suggestion is to not worry about it.


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