Option to add personal audio

I noticed this morning that sometimes I’ll remember how vocab sounds before I remember the mnemonic and can spell the reading phonetically. Have we though about adding a feature to add our own audio to the meaning side of kanji / vocab to help solidify what the meaning?

I think this might be particularly nice for those of us that have English as a second language and add our own synonyms in our native tongue (btw, I’ve never done it, but are user added synonyms accepted as answers during reviews?).

As far implementation goes, I’m imaging a little recorder option when we do lessons do record ourselves saying the meaning of the vocab. Audio is huge, so perhaps the files can be stored locally.

I’m confused. If you can remember the reading, why not just write it in?

The mnemonic is just an aid to help you remember the kanji. If you can remember the kanji without the mnemonic, then there’s no particular problem.

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They are. If you want to add synonyms in another language, you can, assuming that the characters are the same as English.

I’m having trouble imagining how you would actually use this audio. Where and when would you play it?


Hearing the reading for the vocab is great and helps a ton! It’s definitely not a problem. I think it would help solidify meaning (not reading) if there was audio reinforcement, because it’s so effective for remembering the reading.

The more senses that are included in learning the better, right?

Thanks for clarifying that for me!

The sound would play when you correctly answer the vocab meaning. The sound would be self recorded, and you could add synonyms with accompanying vocal reinforcement. You would have an option to add sound during lessons or retroactively.

I think this would be far more work than you expect, seeing how there are more than 8000 vocabulary on WK. Also, if you got the answer right then there isn’t really a need for your own audio to reinforce, there is actually a script which lets google read the example sentences for vocabulary to you. I wasn’t able to find it now with a quick search through the forums but if you are interested I am sure someone knows what i’m talking about.

For whom? Though it would be difficult for an older user such as yourself, new users can add the audio as they please in the lessons as they come. Perhaps you only add audio to the vocab you have difficulty remembering.

However, I agree, it would be a tremendous amount of work for the WK staff if they were to voice the elements themselves.

I don’t really know a lot about computer related things, it does sound like it would be helpful to you in particular, but would it take up a lot of extra server space for potentially every user to add their own audio and wanikani have to store it on their servers? For as someone above said 8,000 potential audio files for every user that would be possibly millions of audio files for Wanikani to store right? Or am I misunderstanding?

I’m making a vast assumption that other people get benefit from pairing audio and visual. And you’re right, the idea hinges on the idea that audio would have to be stored on your own computer. Otherwise, different audio for everyone would be insane. For one person though, I can’t imagine it’s much more than 10GB on your own computer.

Otherwise yeah, way too much server data.

Probably theoretically possible to do as a userscript, since all a userscript needs to get completed is one dedicated person who believes in it. But it’s a suggestion I’ve never heard anyone make before this thread, so WK is probably unlikely to take it on as an official, fully integrated feature of the site.

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There are audio recordings already, though. For vocab items, in any case.

They want audio recordings for the meanings. For some reason.

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Thanks Leebo :slight_smile: It’s no fun to make something that’s already around-- even if no one else uses it :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll have to give that a lookie

Somehow I doubt a script would be able to play locally stored files for each user :thinking:

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