OpenAPI for EDICT2/KanjiDic/Tatoeba/MeCab


An OpenAPI with CORS enabled with full MongoDB query language ($match (aggregation)), see also the schema).

My intention is, it will always be free.



I made this a Docker. You can always pull from Docker Hub and host it yourself.

docker pull patarapolw/jpapi

The dumped database can be found here.

Chinese API

There is also a version for Chinese,


This is great, thanks @polv !

Thanks for providing this.
FYI, just deployed the most recent front-end, which uses the /api/kanji/q end-point for looking up kanji.

I’m monitoring traffic to the site and I don’t foresee this to cause any problems for your deployment anytime soon. If I don’t catch it before, please let me know when this becomes an issue for you.

The domain name has changed to a more beautiful one, Still being hosted on free tier Heroku, but now hiding behind Cloudflare.

The only potential problem is the database is hosted on MongoDB Atlas, using 300 MB (they give 500 for free, anyway.)

So, the dependencies are not only Heroku, but also MongoDB Atlas.

I also made it easy for people to self-host by dumping the database; and upload the server image to Docker Hub. The database dump is on GitHub Release. All free for me, including the domain name.

Now, I am considering rate limiting the API as well. Will that be a problem for you, when you might have some traffic?

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Thanks for the update. I made the switch to the new url.
I don’t foresee rate limiting to be a problem. What limits do you have in mind?

100 requests per minute probably, just like library’s example.

Although I have no risk of having to pay without knowing, Heroku server crashing is still a possible problem.

Also, if no one uses, I will delete jpdiary, in order to protect MongoDB database from being DoS.

I plan to use the name jpdiary for the real blogging.

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