Open items summary review good?


I’m wondering - normally I would be inclined to sort of review all my open items during the weekend when I have some time (only ~500 so far), but I’m not sure if this isn’t rather counterproductive as it might clash with the SRS principle - what do you think?


Interfering with SRS is definitely a concern, but what do you think about having 600-700 reviews waiting for you at the end of each week?

Better do your reviews daily.


You mean just studying between reviews? Some people get melodramatic about “breaking” the SRS, but all that is really happening is that you’re doing something that isn’t sustainable. So if you want to do it while the total amount is low, it’s not going to “hurt” anything.


He means looking at the item entries even when reviews aren’t due, not that he only does reviews on the weekend.


Use the time to study grammar.


Ok, in that case I’d say it’s rather pointless. Just let the SRS do its work.


Yeah, sorry I wasn’t exactly clear. Wanikani reviews I do daily just some revision of my own on weekends is what I meant.
You’re right it will become impossible to revise everything in one sitting soon anyway. Studying grammar instead sounds like a good tip :slight_smile: