Online Degrees from Japanese Universities

I am currently wrapping up a 100% online graduate program through a school here in the U.S. Many of my classmates are from outside of the country. Are there universities in Japan that offer an online-only option for graduate school?

I can’t say for certain that this doesn’t exist (hard to prove a negative!), but I’ve never heard of it. Japanese universities in general haven’t embraced online courses to the same extent as US schools; they’re generally only used for short optional / supplementary courses, not to replace classroom-taught courses.

It’s possible somewhere is experimenting with offering online-only grad school options, but it would be an outlier - even the big, progressive schools like Keio and Waseda are still pretty wary about offering any classes online.

Interesting. Thanks for the help. My ability to research in Japanese is limited, and searching on the English side of things wasn’t very helpful.

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