One yojijukugo (four character idiomatic compound) for each level


Prepared signatures and cover. Going for an exposed back binding.


Interesting. I didn’t know you could write this using 十 as well.
I’ve only ever seen 千人千色.


The level 2 one literally translates as “three day government,” right? I get that 下 implies that the government falls, but I’m not sure how to incorporate it. Plus, it sounds very good, imo, like this in English.
Alternatively, it could be something like… “Governments fall after three days”? “…last only three days”? Or going by the meaning you wrote, maybe something like “Three day rule” where we again leave the implication that it the rule ended (fell, dropped…).


You’re not sure how to incorporate what? What are you incorporating into what?


Nvm, I just jisho’d that 天下 means “country”. And I took it as “government” (天) and “fall” (下)


Looking at this topic again makes me want to step up my yojijukugo studies again. I’m taking Kanken level 4 this weekend and I’ll be happy if I recognize 1 or 2 of the yojijukugo, I think.