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In One Piece, I remember back then when the 光月 clan entered the plot, it was romanized as Kougetsu by translators in the fandom. Later on, the author used furigana to express the reading he wanted: Kouzuki.

Is Kougetsu a “more natural” way of reading 光月 ? If so, why do you think the author has chosen Kouzuki ?

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According to this Japanese site,

the family name 光月 is typically read as こうづき (“Kouzuki”) or こうげつ (Kougetsu), so they’re both common readings

The translations must’ve just opted for one over the other for whatever reason, and then the author included the furigana with the reading they intended – I like the way “Kouzuki Clan” sounds more, maybe the author did too c:


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Did… did the translator just not notice the furigana?

There are plenty of names in Japanese that have multiple readings. If you see the name 細川, you can’t know for certain if it’s ほそかわ or ほそがわ. The name 村田 could be むらた or むらだ.

本田 might seem like a safe bet, but apparently there are people who go by ほんだ, ほんた, ほんでん, and もとだ with those kanji.



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If I’m not mistaken, the first panel the name appeared had no furigana…

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