One Hundred Days

So when I opened my Daily Devotions - Crabigator Prayer Book this evening, I came across something that blew my mind:

I’ve already wasted devoted 100 days of my time to WaniKani!5db25b464c616d71ab902ea41eb4b36b7c3ade73

I didn’t even think I would last a month with this, let alone a hundred days. I don’t even know where the time went lol. That said, I guess I should thank the WaniKani team for making this so site so addicting. ありがとうございます! :crabigator:


Congratulations on breaking not only your expectations, but your inherent human nature to give up on things! How wonderful it would be if you could go back in time to gloat to yourself about all those hundreds of funny symbols you know now!

I suppose we can’t give you 100% of the credit though… :thinking: The Crabigator’s mind control powers certainly helped :man_shrugging:

Here’s to another 1700!


Still not sure whether I should be excited or cower in the corner of my room in fear of that number…


Just think of how much you can read now compared to 100 days ago, and think about how much you’ll be able to read 100 days from now! You’ll be hitting 2000 before you know it!


A lot of people would have given up and be looking back saying “Man I would have been level 11 by now” or something, Luckily you don’t have to be one of those people.

Right? Honestly, japanese can go to hell and learning it is too much work, but its all about what it will amount to 100, 300, or even 1000 days from now.

Cheers to 100 more days and the hundred after that as well as the hundreds after those and the hundreds after those hundreds.


This is the sort of thing I have to tell myself every few days. I’ll get tired or down for whatever reason and start to ask myself why I even bother and then I’m just like ^ this is why.

I have a whiteboard in my room that I keep tabs on my WK and Grammar progress with. In the bottom corner of that board I have a message that I came up with;

Just reminds me to keep +1-ing every day.

Absolutely! Cheers!


Wow, who said that? Love it :heart:


It’s just my take on the regular “Journey of 1,000 miles” quote, with some math I did. lol


I congratulate you, fellow Jacob! You grow stronger everyday, and soon nothing will be able to stop you.
Except brick walls maybe. IDK.


The Army of Jacobs is Legion. You, I, Vanilla and every other Jacob shall rise up and take WaniKani by storm! (though probably not. Especially after that Koichi uprising the other week didn’t go so well…)


Pretty cool quote, I must say :slight_smile:


YAY!! You had me curious so I went and looked and I’m only ten days behind you at 90! The difference in 3 months is amazing. You and me, we got this, we’re gonna stick with it together!!


And you’re already at lvl14! :open_mouth:

What do your level times look like? Are you just going absolutely as fast as possible? That’s awesome.


I am! Not on purpose, I’m just still doing okay with stuff, but I had a pretty decent kanji background coming into this and I’ve always had a good memory for testing. The last couple levels have started getting harder so I’m sure I won’t be able to sustain this pace for a lot longer, but who knows?

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I was waiting for tomorrow to properly celebrate as well:



Holy crap… :scream:

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For now you can party like it’s 1999


That’s nice. I spent my first 100 days not logging in because I didn’t understand WK… then I spent other 150 days (give or take) like that. Until I finally decided to figure it out and read the FAQ.

Congrats!! Let’s meet at level 60. :grinning:


that sounds kinda relatable. I wonder why… :thinking:


Though, I got used to the site by level two. But it took me a while to finish level 3 since I still wasn’t sure about Wanikani and studying Japanese in general at the time.

Lol, I just checked, but I started paying for wanikani on November 3rd of 2017 and today it’s the 101st day since then.


I thought WaniKani was an app at first. When they asked me to register on the site I thought “Wow, why? This looks so old-style.” Registered, opened the app and understood nothing. 18 days later I was back because I saw it being recommended again and again. Don’t know how but I ended up reading the FAQ and the Guide, but after that I was automatically sold.