On back-navigation focus the last tab

On the lessons page (when I already do know the vocab) I tend to skip through the tabs. However, sometimes I am still interested in the vocab’s context, such that I want to look at the example sentences. Stupid me often skips way too fast through the tabs, such that I end up at a new vocab. With a click on the “back” section, I would expect to end up on the previous vocab on the last tab. But instead, the first tab is selected again. I know my explanation sucks, so here is a screen recording.



The reason the slide back navigation goes to the first slide of the previous subject is to improve the cache-ability of the lesson page. However if you do navigate one slide too far you can use the browser back button to go back to the previous slide.

I know it isn’t probably the answer you want but I hope it helps.

It certainly does help; but maybe you can put it on the backlog? :face_holding_back_tears:

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