OMG - level 4

Do you have any tips for pacing?

I feel like I will need to pay attention to this but I am not sure how to check what pace I am moving at or how to check myself before I wreck myself.


This time through I’m sticking as closely as I can to around 80-90 apprentice items. Though right now I’m a higher than that and I need to correct that after guruing some stuff hopefully in the next day or so (got a bit of the irrational exuberance after hitting 5 again). I also try not to do batches of more than 20-25 at a time. I also try to space out batching using ultimate timeline to try my best to not get huge batches of items coming up for review at once.


Just some info for you.

# of items in levels 1-3
84+152+121= 357

# of items in levels 4-6
184+191+187= 562

The sudden increase in items raises dramatically during this time and you won’t feel like you have anything under control until level 10 at the earliest. But if you keep at it it really does calm down you get used to it.


Im the same, just got to lvl 4 and felt pretty overwhelmed by the amount of vocabulary in this level. Especially considering i haven’t even finished half of the lvl 4 vocabulary yet.


Ultimate Timeline? Can you suggest a thread or perhaps its in the FAQ to read up on methods for pacing? Seems like something I could utilize as I work a 9-5 and have limited time periods to sit down and review seriously on a daily basis.

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Here you go:

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I really like your idea of “you get used to it” because this is true. We do get used to almost everything, so keeping it up and trusting in the system to “apprentice” down the items and “guru” them back up at your pace as they come and go. Don’t forget that without exhausting your main “muscle” (the brain) you won’t develop it.

Thanks for the replies minna-san you are awesome!!

kotaekaraarigatou minnasan, kokoha minna sugoi desu yo!


I just hit level 9… I’m doing about 200 reviews a day now, L4 was 120-ish. It definitely hasn’t got easier, but it also doesn’t feel significantly harder than L4, so I must be getting used to it!


Hey, great to meet you! :grin:
Nice to see you’re enjoying it so far :heart:

がんばってくださいね! :crabigator:



just wait until you reach painful! That’s when the real fun begins!


I like the definition of tanoshiiiiiiii!

Tanoshii = many many reviews of painfully similiar kanjis :slight_smile:


Nice job! That makes two of us. I reached L4 pretty recently as well.


Just got back up to level 4 about five minutes ago, myself.



Appreciate this topic and all of the replies because I’m in about the same boat. Most of my way through level three and I’m anxious, excited that the 鰐蟹 train has no breaks. Should be a hell of a ride.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


I had some medical issues that sidelined me for a month and a half after I got halfway through Level 4… I came back to 500 reviews and it’s taken me three days to clear my cue but I’m back to full steam ahead.


I think it helps to not stay too long at any radical/kanji/vocab lesson/review. Just read lessons once, try to imagine the mnemonic and move on. Same for reviews: Just give it a shot within at most 1 minute. If you weren’t correct it doesn’t really matter as you have endless chances anyway and can reread mnemonics :joy:

The thing I can’t wrap my head around is transitive/intransitive verbs… ~ru? ~reru? dasu? deru? Is there a pattern? Arggh xD

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Start skimming through a beginner level grammar book to get the difference between those.

~ru = regular verb form
~reru = potential form (can, am able to, etc.)

Go to the grammar resource page and you’ll find tons of recommendations, some of them are free.

Tae Kim might be a good place for quick reference until you go with a grammar book.


I hope you are well now konsaki-San

I bought the tae Kim book. I think he deserves it <3

Also, does it cover all the “main” grammar or should I search for a “heavier” book?