🌐 Olympians XXXII - Team 地 shared study log

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As co-caption of Earth, I hereby implement our dear Leader’s suggestion:

Let’s keep track of how well (or not) we are moving towards our goals! Disclosure: apart from a single failed attempt at “learning grammar points through a cram-school method”-log, I have 0 exp with these struggle logs, so I’m not entirely sure what its content should be. :thinking:

Here’s the brief on WK activity this Sunday. By the time I checked, I had 70+ reviews with a similar amount one hour later. Figuring I’d rather do both just before class, than 150 or so after, I was already halfway before I realized today was Leveling Day. :point_up: :tada: Getting into lvl36 kanji, I had to look at a few mnemonics (and redo some), along with native language synonyms, but they seemed manageable (only forgot or misremembered 4). After class I started reading back some forum posts, now that we’ve gone into Active Mode, but… managed to postpone writing/posting this until after I finished the first new level reviews. Then did the lessons too, with a few pauses for dictionaries and notes :nerd_face:


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First Question to the team: is it helpful / harmful to have a daily 0/0 goal, shortterm vs longterm?
Follow-up; are you already part of the thread?

Let’s remember that we can’t always give 100% - idk about you all, but I get extremly concerned when my CPU keeps running at 90(00+!!!)% :fire: So stay ‘down to Earth’ folks.



Thank you for starting this up. Not sure how active I will be in updating. Probably almost not at all.

As for this week. Everything is on track to level up tomorrow at 6AM. It will be the first time in a long time that I actually took a level at max speed. Generally, ive been rolling at between 7-8 days time pace. Im not much into waking up in the middle of the night just to be a few hours faster. Luckily, this week has been full of awful insomnia. Great for wanikani.

I generally dont use the Mnemonics. They dont really work for me and just add another layer of memorization that slows me down. Im very very dyslexic so repetition is the best course of action for me.

I do sometimes memorize things my own way. For example, 景 I just remember as dont cause a SCENE… Kei? Or 触 Dont touch the bug corner. SHOCK. So I guess I sometimes make my own mild mnemonics.

Mostly though I just see the new kanji im learning in the wild. I live in Osaka so there is no shortage of seeing kanji. I am a professor so I also can run through new stuff with students which they seem to like as long as I make it related to business. It is not easy to get professor jobs in japan.

Ive been in Japan a long time. I speak fine but have been incorporating wanikani words into my speech which helps with memorization too.

As to your question. I dont necessarily knock all lessons down as they show up. especially if its a day that already has a lot of reviews. But, it does help with memorization to do the new words after finishing the Kanji. Definitely helps with recognition and 音読み memorization.

Best of luck to all.


I will write a little something I’ve done for Japanese here, even if it’s only that I’ve read a couple pages of the book I’m reading, or that I’ve participated in Japanese class.

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13 oktober 2020

Participated in Tuesday Japanese class. Got 30/36 correct on the test. Practiced making sentences with させていただけないでしょうか。・させてもらえませんか。and a couple of politeness levels in between.

Also, I did lessons and reviews.

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I guess I’ll do the same. Watched the boys and understood the convo in Japanese sa s subtitles. Read the birth of Honan WORST. (I love that manga.).

Did some bunpro though I’m inconsistent. Studied scary Japanese words because u love Yurei. And shinrei spots.

I want to start watching more media. I live here and listen a lot but I feel my listening is very NG to be my weakest skill. (it has to do with anxiety as I have really bad anxiety.). I’m near native level speaking when I’m drinking and considered a good foreign speakers when sober. Hoping this levels close in with each other someday.

Anyways. Wanikanis been good to me. I’m recognizing more words and feel like I’ve improved more in the past 6 months than I have in years.

Also studied some not on wanikani kanji.
旺 おう flourishing. Successful

艶 えん. Lustrous, sexy, captivating, charming, beguiling,etc

蚕 かいこ. Silk worm

翁 おう venerable old man

壱 いち. One (used it n documents)

虞 ぐ. Anxiety, fear, expectation

謁 えつ audience, audience with the king

畝 ぼう、ほ、も、む. Ridge, furrow

The last two don’t display correctly or come up normally on a hiragana to kanji converter. That’s how rare they are :/. I’ll add some vocab when I have access to a computer if anyone wantsm.


Also, I think everyone leveled u already this week. So congratulations to the earth.

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I wont shut up. Im like. I probaby wont update much. Than I do. I started reading a book today. The place I work has a library and I always figured since im an adjunct i dont have access to it. Well, i do.

So, im reading この世の奇妙な物語。 Scary story book. Ive only read 30 pages and Ive hit like 30-40 words I dont know. But, im learning and im enjoying the story. Back in the day I would have read it faster and just jumped the words I didnt know and understood from context but im making the extra effort to look things up.

Feels worth it. Its really cementing some of the kanji for me and some grammar I rarely use but am aware of.


I’m also like that at the start. But then thevtough part is keeping it up over longer periods of time.

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Longer periods of time?? I thought the plan was for all of us to hit lvl 60 next week so we could quit and celebrate for the rest of the year! :pleading_face:

Meh. Anyway.

Those tend to be pretty interesting kanji. I learned two of such outsiders today too:
驟(しゅう)… for which my dictionary knows only one vocab: 驟雨(しゅうう)“sudden shower”
稽(けい)… which I came across in the word 滑稽(こっけい)“comical”.

As for WK: 0/0 until 10am tomorrow morning.


14 oktober 2020

I read a couple pages from chapter 5 of 1Q84.

I did all my reviews, except I have eight now.

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15 oktober 2020

I participated in Japanese class, got 28/36 correct on the quiz. Lots of roleplay.

Did all my reviews and my usual 20 lessons.


october 16

Almost finished reading WORST: Birth HOUSEN. Learned several new words. Studies wanikani and burnt 90 new items. Missed six burnable vocabulary. Learned a few words from students at the college. 観戦 watching a sports match 視力 eye sight (How good it is ) 握(あく)力 grip strength 女体 a womans body and a few others 制覇 to conquer. 制は


16 oktober 2020

I did all my reviews and my usual lessons. Not much else today!


I remember this line from ダイヤのエース:全国制覇!


Today was a very extra kanji day. Aside from getting my last handful of kanji to the last apprentice level - lvl up on Tuesday! - I spent over an hour browsing through kanji dictionaries for work. Good thing I like it well enough I’d do it for free :sweat_smile: (but prefer to get paid)

WK vocab on the other hand was pretty tough to remember today. Bunch of similar ones I’ve not yet encountered in the wild, like
債券(さいけん) = bonds
債権(さいけん) = credit
承諾(しょうだく)= consent
許諾(きょだく) = consent
医療(いりょう)= medical treatment
治療(ちりょう)= medical treatment

A bit bummed that I’m not getting around to listening to Japanese as much as before (by which I mean watching series on Netflix and call it “study”), but the novel reading is going much better so…


18 oktober 2020

I forgot to post this yesterday, but I did all my usual lessons and reviews, and finished reading chapter 5 of 1Q84. Almost caught up, now!

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19 oktober 2020

I did all reviews and lessons. On track for a level up tomorrow morning, but I will guru 20 kanji, so there will be a of vocab lessons to get through. Maybe I’ll have to do a couple more lessons per day next level, and pay better attention to my kanji reviews, make sure I do them on time, so they don’t synchronize like this again.

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